moisturizing and refreshing menu, help to lose weight

moisturizing and refreshing menu, help to lose weight

Faced with high temperatures, a quality diet is essential. Therefore, in the weekly diet this time we leave a moisturizing and refreshing menu that can help us lose weight.

Fresh and ideal weekly menu to lose weight

In order not to overload the digestive system and thus allow the body to concentrate on regulating body temperature, we recommend light preparations that at the same time promote hydration and result in low energy density.

So, we choose foods and dishes with high water contentwhich help to refresh us and at the same time, favor the caloric deficit that we need when losing weight.

As if that were not enough, incorporating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables into our dishes, as well as other foods and aqueous preparations, contributes greatly to easily satiated without a large energy consumption.

Therefore, we leave a moisturizing and refreshing weekly menuideal for these hot days, which at the same time helps to lose weight:






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It is always advisable customize the menu to get more out of it, being able to modify portions, recipes and others.

At the same time, we recommend accompany this menu with other healthy lifestyle habits that contribute to weight loss, while taking care of our diet in the face of environmental temperature changes.

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