Ministry of Health advises men with C0VID to have a vasectomy

Ministry of Health advises men with C0VID to have a vasectomy

The importance of having a good CM in your social networks was demonstrated by a publication of the Health Secretary, where a bad illustration to a publication has caused controversy for illustrating with a vasectomy, the care measures for patients infected by C0VID.

It is interesting to observe what is correct in this matter and the most important thing is that it determines how to understand communication in the market and the ability that opens up to be able to think about increasingly decisive bets.

With this in mind, a valuable resource is clear and it is the ability to scale a message in the market that serves to understand what is appropriate.

A mistake on Twitter

The Ministry of Health failed to illustrate the care measures for patients with C0VID, implying that the appropriate thing in those cases was for men to undergo a vasectomy.

In his publication, he assures that the youth community takes care of health and life, so when testing positive for the pathogen, he recommends that in case of breathing difficulty they should go to a medical unit.

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The clarity of the message ended when the guideline was illustrated with a vasectomy diagram, a permanent method of birth control, that safe dependence does not affect performance or sexual desire.

The error demonstrates the importance of having a good CM in the digital work team and how the proper interaction with this personality and the clear identification of all their tasks, as well as those of the rest of the team, becomes essential, to achieve the best strategy .

After the error made, the reactions have accumulated with all kinds of witnesses to the fact published by the agency, raising awareness of the challenge that exists today, of being able to create better communication strategies, based on knowing how to correctly integrate the members of digital tasks.

“Vasectomy” Exposes the Challenge of Being CM Today

The challenge in communication today was exhibited by the CM of the Ministry of Health, but more than a challenge, the real task is to be able to better integrate digital equipment and how, based on key elements such as communication with the consumer, establishes a very important task and it is the one that has to do with the willingness of the brands to achieve better tasks in the market and to do it correctly, especially when it is necessary to define what and how to achieve the best communication with the audiences.

The power of a copy

The capacity of a creative copy goes beyond the capacity of a brand to scale in the market and undoubtedly becomes a challenge in communication of how to get to speak, where the most important thing is not to make mistakes in the message with which it is used. seeks to scale in the market.

With this in mind, a very important exercise in the market is clear and it is the one that has to do with the way in which a digital team makes decisions today, to determine the challenge of being an entity with authority in the network market. social.

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