Minecraft Player Who Finished Game Without Leaving Initial Spawn Zone Explains Secret

Minecraft Player Who Finished Game Without Leaving Initial Spawn Zone Explains Secret

For many, Minecraft is simply an infinite sandbox where they can test all kinds of creative ideas, build, explore and survive threats, but what some do not know is that Minecraft does have an “end goal”. Some time after its first release, the game’s creator, Markus “Notch” Persson, posted reach «The End» and finish off the dragon as the goal of Minecraft, although over the years, even this has been the subject of a multitude of challenges and inventiveness. How to try complete the game without leaving the spawn zone.

Before talking about how this has been possible, we must explain how the generation of Minecraft worlds works. As if it were a great puzzle, the game creates seeds of the world by putting together «chunks», parts of 256 blocks high and 16 by 16 wide. The challenge is to complete Minecraft without leaving that area, which has crumbs, since to get to The End you have to do many previous steps, and none simple. First you have to get Ender pearls, craft the Ender eyes necessary to find the portal of The End and, ultimately, destroy the dragon.

As you can imagine, depending on the construction of the world, on the seed, it is impossible to find the portal of The end without leaving the initial chunk, so many youtubers chose to vary the challenge and survive 100 days of play without leaving the spawn zone. An equally complicated challenge, since you have to find resources to avoid starvation, build a shelter and fight the threats of the night.

No matter which of the two challenges is, ultimately, the key is “to use all kinds of different Minecraft mechanics to be successful,” said Parrot, a well-known youtuber, to Kotaku. As for food, one of the main resources to consider, Parrot says that “there were many days when I did not have hunger bars and had to eat rotten meat. I found out that the key was in use skeleton bones to grow grass. From that grass you can get seeds and grow crops. ‘

Another challenge in completing this challenge is dealing with boredom. “It probably could have survived infinitely, but the last few days it was getting super boring,” says Parrot. “I think I had Minecraft open 24 hours a day for four or five days straight.” Ultimately, he considers that completing the game in this way is impossible without mods or a lot of luck. It wouldn’t be possible unless your area had the fortress and a flame generator at the bottom.

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As for the rest of the daily tasks of Minecraft, beyond waiting hours and hours for an Enderman to fight or an animal to eat, dig and get resources, it is not turkey, since it cannot get out of that limit of 16 × 16. “All I had to do was sneak out and enter in the third person,” says Laff, another well-known Minecraf youtuber who tried to complete the game without leaving the initial chunk.

Finally, if you manage to face adversity and, for one reason or another, you manage to reach the End, the difficult task of killing the dragon remains. «By far, the most challenging part of my challenge was fighting the dragon«Admits Laff. “Coming in contact with her meant that they would throw me away from the only chunk I was fighting on. I relied on Ender’s pearls and a precise target to teleport me back to the platform when they sent me into the air. While there was ability to survive throwing attacks, it was also felt that a lot of luck was needed«.

In conclusion, can Minecraft be finished without leaving the initial spawn zone? It seems so, although it does not seem to be easy at all. In either case, Minecraft appears to be as fit as ever.Fans of the game are constantly looking for ways to defy the conventions of the game. and creating more and more original content, which bodes well for the game’s future from Mojang and Microsoft, while content updates continue to arrive, such as the second part of the Caves and Cliffs update.

▪ Release date: 10/07/2011