Since its official presentation, we have praised Microsoft’s decision to go for Chromium, the DNA of Chrome, which has resulted in a fast, powerful and very complete browser, in fact, in the case of some of our editors, it has become your default browser.

However, this does not mean that Edge is not a browser with room for improvement, and like any software today, serious problems that affect the user experience can arise from one moment to the next, such as the one that has come with the latest upgrade.

Since today users who have updated Edge in its beta or stable version have encountered a problem that, although it is not so serious, is extremely annoying, because when you type in the search bar you will notice that the browser will abruptly close. Microsoft has announced that it is aware of the problem and that it is already working on a definitive solution, but for now there are a couple of temporary solutions.

How to solve it?

Microsoft Edge closes every time you type in the search bar, so you can fix it

If you have the problem, all you have to do is deactivate the search suggestion, or change your Google search engine for any other, since they report that the problem at the moment only occurs with the Google search engine.

To deactivate search suggestions you must go to settings> privacy and services> address bar> Show me search suggestions and sites using the characters you type, and deactivate this option.

To change the search engine, go to settings> privacy and services> address bar> search engine used in the address bar, and change Google’s for any other available.

It will be until the next update when this problem is solved in the browser.