The story of the Metroid Prime Trilogy being released on Nintendo Switch is the Neverending Story, since the long-awaited compilation has been rumored for years, although without finishing materializing as the fans want. There are many who point to various factors, such as the fact that Nintendo They are waiting for the development of Metroid Prime 4 to be more advanced, but the reality is that we still have no news of the game officially.

Metroid Prime Trilogy would already be finished

However, that’s what the insiders are for, since Jeff Grubb has stated that the title would be finished, but from Nintendo they have no desire to launch it yet. It should be noted that this statement conflicts with another from May of this year in which a Retro Studios veteran claimed this trilogy would never come.

According to Grubb himself, reasons not to release the title there are several, such as ensuring the quality of the title, whose development would have been affected by the health pandemic, as well as, as fans speculated, waiting for the launch of Metroid Prime 4 is closer.

As you can imagine, and as I have expressed at the beginning, it is the never ending story, since the rumors about the completion of Metroid Prime Trilogy development They have not been new for years. Likewise, it must also be taken into account that Grubb’s record is not perfect, so another goof on his part is not ruled out.

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Be that as it may, what we can confirm officially is that Samus returns this year to a Nintendo console in the form of a new numbered installment featuring Metroid Dread, whose release for Nintendo Switch has been set on October 8, 2021.

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