Puma and Adidas lost a bronze opportunity to stand out at the Olympic Games, after an athlete, after taking the podium at the Olympics, reminded them of the refusal to sponsor him.

A medalist has dedicated to Adidas Y Cougar the bronze in Judo, which has been earned in the Tokyo Olympics, after the companies refused to sponsor him, so they have missed a great public relations opportunity.

The fact has been carried out by the Portuguese Jorge Fonseca, who when obtaining third place in the Judo category, was interviewed by the television of his country where he assured that despite the refusal of sports firms, that they disqualified him from being sponsored, because he did not have enough quality , decided to dedicate the metal to them.

In the middle of the interview, Fonseca was sincere and assured that he did not want to miss the opportunity to be on television, so he said he dedicated his metal to Adidas and Puma, “who said that he did not have the quality to sponsor me.”

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During the interview, the Portuguese recalled that he is two-time world champion and that he had conquered the Olympic Games for the third time. “What else do I need?” He asked himself, at the same time that he finished with a simple message: “I dedicate this medal to you.”

Sponsorships at the Olympics

The Olympic Games have stood out for the mistakes that have occurred in the various sponsorships that have been carried out during this important meeting. Nike lost one of its powerful magnets for this encounter as Simone biles, who signed a contract with Athleta, a brand of the group that operates brands like Gap and that designs sportswear especially for women.

These types of mistakes in sports sponsorships have been a constant during the 2020 edition of the Olympic Games, Nike, for example, was also involved in the complaint of uniforms that were thrown away by members of the softball team, a fact that was qualified by the head of mission of the Mexican delegation, Mario Garcia de la Torre, as an offense to the Mexican identity, since they are embroidered with the national flag, the Olympic rings and the logo of the brand that provided the uniforms, in this case, Nike.

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