Marvel reveals the number of times Groot’s voice actor had to repeat the same phrase

Marvel reveals the number of times Groot’s voice actor had to repeat the same phrase

Dialogues are a fundamental part of movies, series and video games, since we develop the narrative and it even allows us to relate to the characters. Therefore, it is necessary for the actors to add emotions to their phrases so that we, as spectators, can feel what they want to convey.

This is easier when the actors can express complex and deep dialogue, but it becomes more difficult when they are limited terms, such as, Groot’s dialogues for the Guardians of the Galaxy video game, where his voice actor shared information about the number of times he had to repeat the same phrase while adding emotions to it. Next, we reveal the details.

How many times did Groot’s voice actor have to repeat the same phrase?

Groot in the Marvel game – Guardians of the Galaxy

Recently, in an interview for the media IGN, the cast of the Marvel video game: Guardians of the Galaxy shared information special related to the process of creating this title, especially the importance of the dialogues to build a story and the challenge of repeating hundreds of times the same three words that Groot mentions.

Groot’s voice actor for the video game is Robert Montcalm, who told, as an anecdote, that had to repeat the sentence of “I am Groot approximately 1,630 times. However, he assures that this was necessary to add emotions and feelings to each scene in which the character participates.

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It is not about recording the phrase once and playing it back on all occasions when Groot has to speak, as this is unnatural. That is why Robert Montcalm was happy to repeat these words so many times, always with a different kind of emotion so players can feel a little empathy too.

Also, as a curious fact, just like in the story, where Groot and Rocket are inseparable companionsthe voice actors for both characters, Robert Montcalm and Alex Weiner respectively, also had the opportunity to work together to accurately portray the friendship of these team members.

How has the reception of the Guardians of the Galaxy video game been?

The members of the Guardians of the Galaxy in the video game

The members of the Guardians of the Galaxy in the video game

While it is true that, at first, the developer in charge of the game, Square Enix, I wasn’t happy with the numbers this release was getting, little by little has changed his mind; especially to the extent that a growth in sales is reported.

What’s more, some experts point out that the wonder of this titleallowed him to be nominated for several awards, including that of Best Narrative. With this, sales are expected to continue to increase.

this video game has beautifully recreated the Guardians of the Galaxy team, replicating the same brotherly relationship and emotions that we have seen in the movies. All this through a completely new and deep story.

As well thanks to Robert Montcalm for his job of repeating just over 1,600 times the phrase of what would be considered the heart of the team, Groot.

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