Marvel Confirms The Flash’s Powers Come At A Horrible Cost To The Character Himself

Marvel Confirms The Flash’s Powers Come At A Horrible Cost To The Character Himself


It is no secret to anyone that Flash is one of the most powerful heroes in the DC universebeing able to run at great speeds that allow him to travel through time, quickly heal his wounds, and even pass through solid objects by split their atoms. These are all the makings of an extremely powerful character.

However, to compensate for all these powers, it has been established that it has weaknesses that, to a normal individual, would not be so dangerous, but for him it would be, such as the fact that, if he is drowning, when water enters his lungs, he would suffocate immediately. The reason for this is its speed. However, Marvel has been responsible for revealing another consequence for the Flash character.

The Flash’s body takes a terrible toll from continually using his powers.

Marvel has confirmed, via an original character, what the consequences of using the Flash’s speed powers could be.

The source of all power for Wally West, the Scarlet Speedsteror simply known as Flash, is his connection to the Speed ​​Force, which is a kind of dimension that you can access at will. It is thanks to this that he is capable of the feats that we discussed at the beginning and enjoy his great speed, which has starred in imaginary confrontations with fans, such as the race between Sonic against Flash.

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Flash’s body is continually using his powers, even if he’s not running, since, for example, in the JLA comic #66created by Joe Kelly and Doug Mahnkeit was confirmed that Wally has little more than 300 sleep cycles every day. His body is always doing things at high speed.

Marvel, in the comic Uncanny X-Men #527created by Matt Faction, Whilce Portacio and Leonard Kirk, a new mutant with the power to run at high speed has been relieved. His name is Gabriel Cohuelo and, in essence, his abilities allow him to stop time for everyoneexcept for himself, so he moves at normal speeds, while everything else is frozen.

However, every time he uses his powers, his body suffers, as a consequence, accelerated agingbeing able to make himself months older just by using his abilities.

The Flash is aging at a rapid rate.

The Flash's Speed ​​Force could be consuming his life

The Flash’s Speed ​​Force could be consuming his life

As we mentioned before, because the Flash is always using his powers, even without running, well your body functions and metabolism are accelerated. As a result of this and his 300 sleep cycles per day, we could say that Wally is getting oldera year every day.

Nevertheless, DC Comics has yet to confirm that this is true., beyond the consequences and weaknesses that it gave to the character. But Marvel, through an original character, has created these limitations and side effects by taking those rules from the biology of the Scarlet Speedster.

The Speed ​​Force, that dimension that gives Flash speed powers, could be consuming the life of the character without him noticing. And if using these abilities comes at a cost to his body, the consequences of using the powers to go back in time would be incalculable.

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