Luisito Comunica records the family for a YouTube channel, then denounces

Luisito Comunica records the family for a YouTube channel, then denounces

Virality is the new business metric, behind which are content creators like Luisito Communicates and under this pretext they commit all kinds of sins, with which they move away from ethical principles and more importantly, from common sense, to know when to stop a story or argue its thread, so that what is delivered is ethical, like recording a family and then put a complaint against him, conserving the more than three million reproductions that this material adds in youtube.

Youtube he has even broken off relationships with star creators like logan paulwhen he went to a well-known Japanese forest, where he showed the body of a person who had committed suicide, a very common practice in that region, unleashing an intense debate not only about the type of content that these personalities upload in pursuit of virality, but about the advertising that ends up being shown in these contents, risking the reputation of the brands, by appearing in narratives that, far from paying for their image, harm them.

– Youtube finds in its content creators, one of the main mines of business –

Audience Project has reached to study the reasons for entering Youtube and in one of his studies in this regard, found that the main reason was to obtain entertainment (82 percent). 23 percent did it to consume news and an important 18 percent did it to follow brands.

Although entertainment is the main reason to enter YouTube, then the creators like Luisito Communicates they have an important task, which is knowing how to focus the content they offer to followers who trust what you show them.

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What is more valid then for that audience? Explain in a video your reasons why you gave up filming how a family lives in the Peruvian jungle? Or record that family and simply document how they keep wild animals in captivity under the guise of keeping them as pets? Or profit from the story of a family nestled in the jungle and how they have wild animals as pets for your TV channel? Youtube and once you secure content, which you know will generate millions of views, do you proceed to report them, violating the trust they had in inviting you to their home?


Luisito Communicates could not agree to record a family that had wild animals as petsduring a visit to the Peruvian Amazon, because it is an apology for prohibited practices, but as he accepted, his work should have been limited to documenting illegal practices in remote areas where he was recording.

Brand guidelines such as Didi Food appear in the controversial video by Luisito Comunica.

In one of his last deliveries in Youtubethe famous influencer The Mexican went to the community of Puerto Miguel, where there is a population of approximately 800 people, and there he found houses made of sheet metal, wooden walls and a system of civilization that makes it hard to believe that there is a prison in the middle of the jungle. , where the inhabitants who commit faults end up, qualified by the community itself.

During his visit, he found families with illegal practices by keeping wild animals in captivity, from a jaguar cub to a capuchin monkey and a sloth, like the ones he found in the house of Doña Violeta, who trusted the youtuber to invite him to her home.

The youtuber, in response to why he decided to make a profit with a video, before which he had various options with which he could alternate the option of making a profit, betraying the trust they gave him to enter a house, he explained:

“CLARIFICATION: We do not report people to the law, we report animals to a rescue center. People are going to be fine; and we hope that the monkey and the jaguar living in a very small cage too. In the Amazon there are dozens of rescue centers with ample spaces to receive animals in these conditions. I repeat: nothing will be done to the people, other than perhaps taking away from the animals.”

This is not the first time Luisito Communicates fails with a content strategy. Previously, to promote one of her drinks, the influencer objectified a woman to promote the product on networks.

There are other cases of media personalities who profit from situations such as the tiktoker Paola Ramones, when she challenged her maid to break a wooden board.

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