With a script written by Jon Favreau and illustrations by Adi Granov, this mini-series of four chapters of Iron Man is one of the most striking adventures of the Marvel character, this time installed in the City of Sin in search of fun but with the Obligation to save the world from a series of threats.

From comics to cinema and from cinema to comics. That is the route of Iron Man: Long Live Las Vegas, which was released under the Marvel Knights imprint in the middle of two Marvel films directed by Joan Favreau, Iron Man and Iron Man 2. It is precisely the film director turned comic book writer who brings the character to life and gets the most attention in all the reviews.

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Iron Man’s adventure in Las Vegas

iron man long live las vegas comic

According to most of the reviews in United States about Iron Man: Long Live Las Vegas they agree on the fun factor that Favreau raises at all times. This is not too deep, symbolic, or intricate a story. Rather, the goal is to entertain with wacky situations and simple dialogues.

With Tony Stark away from the direction of SHIELD and focused on a striking vacation in Las Vegas, everything seems to point to multiple days of leisure, gambling, parties with beautiful women and other inherent elements of the protagonist’s personality. Together with an attractive archaeologist, Iron Man embarks on an adventure against a plague of giant reptiles that terrorize tourists, gamblers and others in casinos, hotels and city tourist sites.

Granov’s illustrations bear his stamp and there is a lot of praise for the visuals of Tony Stark and Iron Man, although not so for the rest of the characters that appear in the series. It was precisely the cartoonist who approached Favreau with the idea of ​​collaborating with a comic between the two and in the end the story has materialized for posterity, thanks to the Iron Man films that have set world records for him. definitive leap to fame for Marvel content.

Here are some peculiarities of the comic

  • Writer Jon Favreau, known for being the director of two of the Iron Man films and the hit The Mandalorian, is in charge of the script of Iron Man: Long Live Las Vegas
  • The actions take place on Earth-80734, a different reality from the Iron Man movies
  • Through the comic it is known that Tony Stark owns a casino and an airline named after him.
  • Bosnian Adi Granov, an artist with multiple Marvel titles, is responsible for the illustrations
  • The passengers of a plane rescued by Iron Man in the face of a terrorist threat rebuke the superhero, causing his desire to go on vacation

Tony Stark’s success in comics and movies

Hombre de Hierro
Iron Man: Terrence Howard, Robert Downey Jr. © 2008 Paramount Pictures Photo by Zade Rosenthal ** JCC

Although the popularity of Marvel and The Avengers It is indisputable, few characters can reach the level of acceptance of Iron Man. Either because of their technological ability to cope with adverse situations, their sense of humor even in the less fortunate moments or their emotions to remind the public that it is a human being, Tony Stark has been known to earn a place in the preference of moviegoers and comic book lovers alike.