LG to sell iPhone and Apple Watch in its South Korean stores

LG to sell iPhone and Apple Watch in its South Korean stores

The novelty had been rumored in recent months, but it appears to be close to becoming a reality. According to ZDNet, an LG spokesperson confirmed that the company will start selling the iPhone and other Apple devices in their stores in South Korea. It would be from August.

In this way, LG would definitely embark on a new business strategy in its homeland. The details of the apparent agreement with those of the block are unknown, but it is logical to think that it will be economically very profitable. For Apple, in as much it would mean the precise opportunity to go out to fight against Samsung in “enemy territory”.

According to the report, the main Apple product that LG will sell in its stores will be the iPhone. However, there would also be room for the Apple Watch and others gadgets from the Californian company. Apparently, the approach of the Cupertino came after LG’s decision to leave the smartphone business.

LG will sell the iPhone in its South Korean stores, much to Samsung’s dismay

In 2018, Samsung Y LG They signed an agreement in which they promised to only sell their products in their own stores. Thus, they set out not to compete with smaller distributors to avoid accusations of anti-competitive behavior. For this reason, LG’s decision to start selling the iPhone and other Apple products would have been poorly received at first. The story would have already changed, but not for Samsung.

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Apparently, LG signed a new contract with the association representing small South Korean distributors. Said agreement would allow the company market mobiles that are not of their own brand.

This would imply a major blow for Samsung: Apple, its main opponent in the global smartphone market, would get a broader expansion path in South Korea. LG has around 400 stores in the country; anyway, it is not yet known how many the iPhone, the Apple Watch and other apple products will be available in.

It is worth noting that Samsung It largely controls the sale of smartphones in its country of origin, with approximately 65% ​​of the market share. Apple, through the iPhone, has a 20% share, while LG barely had 13%.

Will Apple be able to challenge Samsung’s dominance in South Korea? LG’s failed mobile business would be the key to trying.