Although at first, it seems that the world is coming upon us, it is important to let go of the bad so that good things can come to us.

Letting go is the most natural process in life. However, it is complex and is one of the ones that cause us the most suffering. In this sense, there are many situations in which we can find ourselves when letting go of something:

  • Break a relation.
  • Losing a loved one.
  • Change habits.
  • Change job.
  • Leave our place of residence.

These are all resignations that we are going to experience at some point in our life cycle. It is something for which no one has prepared us and that we learn almost «by force».

There is no magic formula that can serve each of us to face it better.

These are situations marked by detachment, by emotional pain that, if not managed properly, can lead, for example, to depression.

However, we offer you some essential resources to lean on. These are simple reflections that will help us obtain a little light in these moments of complexity.

Letting go, in order to receive

If we think about it for a moment, we will realize that the act of “letting go” is that eternal music that lives in the background in our lives.

We must understand that these words, letting go, are not exclusively linked to pain, loss or suffering. Sometimes giving up is a way of also allowing us to be a little happier.

  • Giving up what hurts us is prioritizing well-being.
  • Letting go of those who harm us is gaining health and personal balance.
  • Letting go of certain habits, thoughts and limiting attitudes is winning opportunities and development.

Thus, it is worth remembering that the act of having to “let go”, of releasing or letting go is also an opportunity to renew ourselves and continue growing as people.

However, as we well know, on other occasions it implies a hard goodbye that you have to know how to take on with integrity. Let’s see some strategies to face it.


Give time to time: beautiful things will reappear

When we lose something or someone or when we let them go, we feel as if a door is closing before us. We feel that this loss announces the end of the world.

In fact, we can believe that for at least a few months. This is the time when the natural process of mourning occurs.

  • Emotional relief, support and assuming the reality of the situation can help us.

Now, it is necessary to understand that “letting go” is also an insurmountable act of bravery. Because no one can live clinging to suffering or pain.

  • When we lose someone we must “let him go” “let him go”.
  • This natural process that is goodbye also allows us to keep going, not forgetting what was left behind but being brave to smile again.

We have to give time to time. It is very possible that nothing will be as it was before, but the fact that it is different does not imply that it is “necessarily bad”. On the contrary, we can give way to new happy and beautiful situations.

Letting go is not giving up, but accepting what cannot be

You have to let go of what you don’t want to stay, what doesn’t hold up

There are times throughout our lives when we become obsessed with nothing changing. We even dream that whoever is by our side will not leave us, even if he no longer loves us. It is not appropriate.

  • It is necessary to keep in mind that there is no greater source of suffering than denial. We cannot keep our eyes closed before a reality that is collapsing and that we ourselves strive to hide.
  • We must let go of what is no longer self-supporting, otherwise we will live in a painful and uncertain falsehood that no one deserves.
  • You have to be brave and face the realities. If they don’t like us, you shouldn’t ask for charity, or “lengthen it a little more.” All of these are direct attacks on self-esteem.

Sometimes, incredible as it may seem, letting go of what is no longer maintained is a way of finding better things.

Life will teach you who you should fight for and who is better to give up

In this intense process of letting go, of freeing ourselves from what hurts us, from those who don’t love us or from those who love us badly, we in turn open an interesting procedure in which we discover everything that really matters.

  • It does not matter if along that road we are left with very few.
  • It doesn’t matter if there are only four people next to you.
  • It does not matter if there are two interests in which you have decided to focus your life.

If it is what makes you happy, if it is those people, those things that really enrich your mind and your heart, then all the detachment that you have carried out will have been worth it.

Also do not forget that what you have left behind have been key pieces. Everything experienced is important. Although none of it is part of your destiny, it is a part of your personal history.