Do you hear that? They are the last blows of a 2021 about to enter its last month. Does it distress you? Well, the penalties, with movies, are less, so let’s review the billboard premieres of this November 26, but not before taking a look at the disappointing data from the ticket office last weekend, which were down 25% compared to the previous week.

For the second consecutive week, Jaume Balagueró’s ‘Way Down’ ranked number one on the most viewed list with 0.97 million that managed to eclipse once again the ‘Eternals’ of Marvel Studios, which fell in its third week on the bill to the 0.73 million euros raised and totaling 6 million since its launch on November 5.

The jump from second to third place is abysmal. In it we find ‘Last Night in Soho’ by Edgar Wright, which debuted with a very discreet 0.2 million euros, being technically tied with ‘Antlers: Dark Creature’, which closed its release with 0.19 million. ‘Venom: There Will Be Carnage’ closed the Top 5 with others 0.17 million amassed in their sixth week, accumulating 8.6 million.

The premieres of November 26, 2021

‘La casa Gucci’ (‘House of Gucci’, 2021)

Ridley Scott is not stopping, and after hitting a hit at the box office with his remarkable ‘The Last Duel’, he returns to the fray with a family epic full of excesses and eccentricity, decked out by a stellar cast that includes names such as the by Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons or Jared Leto. Almost nothing.

Criticism in Espinof: ‘La Casa Gucci’: Ridley Scott skillfully solves a family epic that cries out to be disheveled with more camp bombast

‘Charm’ (2021)

Directed by six hands by Jared Bush, Charise Castro Smith and Byron Howard, ‘Encanto’ once again brings out Disney magic with this instant classic that shines with its first-rate animation and, above all else, its music. Germaine Franco and a Lin-Manuel Miranda who continues to show his innate talent.

Criticism in Espinof: ‘Encanto’ is a marvel: an exciting and hilarious Disney film that ranks among the best cinema of 2021

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‘Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City’ (‘Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City’, 2021)

Clean and clean. After closing the Alice saga, Johannes Roberts plunges into the ‘Resident Evil’ universe with ‘Welcome to Raccoon City’; an approach to the Capcom saga that bets on loyalty and a nod to the staunch fan, and for an almost 90s spirit.

Criticism in Espinof: ‘Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City’ is much more faithful to the video game than other adaptations but it never takes advantage of its great potential

‘The daughter’ (2021)

After ‘The Author’, Manuel Martín Cuenca once again aligns himself with Javier Gutiérrez to shape this thriller, held at the San Sebastián Festival, with an impeccable form and an atmosphere cooked over low heat that promises to twist the viewer in the armchair until let everything explode in its third act.

Criticism in Espinof: ‘La hija’: the new by Manuel Martín Cuenca is a sick thriller about the other dangers of motherhood

‘Lamb’ (2021)

After passing through the festival circuit, in which he won the award for the best film in competitions such as Sitges, the brand new debut of Valdimar Jóhannsson arrives in our cinemas with a family drama with a fantastic twist that, sure, will not leave you indifferent to any viewer who dares to immerse themselves in his icy tale.

Criticism in Espinof: Sitges 2021 | ‘Lamb’: the winner of the 54th edition is a languid parable that explores the darkest corners of mourning and motherhood

‘Holy Spirit’ (2021)

The unclassifiable Chema García Ibarra serves us on a silver platter a feature film that we could classify as his masterpiece. A film among the best of Spanish cinema of 2021 to which you can go with an open mind and want to be surprised.

Criticism in Espinof: ‘Holy Spirit’: existential disenchantment and the evil of the human being as pillars of Chema García Ibarra’s masterpiece


‘The Shelter’ (2021)

‘Unforgivable’ (‘The Unforgivable’, 2021)

‘Hermitage Museum. The power of art ‘(‘ Hermitage. Il potere dell’arte ‘, 2019)

‘Maria Solinha’ (2020)

‘Magaluf Ghost Town’ (2021)

‘Mice and foxes. A friendship from another world ‘(‘ I mysi patrí do nebe ‘, 2021)

‘Al filo’ (‘Na ostrie’, 2020)

‘Fantasy’ (2021)

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