We cannot say that July was the most splendid month for Amazon in terms of news on its subscription platform. And is that Prime Video He has staked everything on the premiere of The War of Tomorrow; a bet that has worked like a charm given its success and that a sequel has already been confirmed. However, today we are here to talk about what’s new this week on Prime Video, which runs from July 19-25, 2021 and that has four premieres. We recommend one of them before giving way to the complete list.

Jolt – July 23

There’s no doubt that this week’s most prominent premiere on Prime Video is Jolt, Amazon’s only original release for the next seven days. Jolt is an action film starring Kate beckinsale. A woman who suffers violent neurological outbreaks he finally manages to trust a person to give him his love. However, finding her dead the next day, Lindy begins a bloody path of revenge.

Amazon buys MGM, the studio behind James Bond

All this week’s premieres on Prime Video

  • Playmobil: The Movie (07/20)
  • Her Blue Sky (07/23)
  • Jolt (07/23)
  • Immune (07/23)

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