Actor Jim Caviezel delivered a speech that has been deemed incendiary at a conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, dedicated to believers in the QAnon conspiracy theory.

Jim caviezel became famous for playing Jesus on Passion of Christ (2004), later he also impacted with the series Person of Interest (2011 – 2016). But now he has had a speech at the conference For God & Country: Patriot Double Down In Las Vegas. Where he even came to imitate Willam wallace with his famous phrase: “They can take our lives, but they can never take our freedom!”, from the movie’s war speech Braveheart from Mel Gibson 1995.

In this conference, Jim caviezel he gave a religious sermon and asked to defend his country from Lucifer and encouraged people to fight the evil “minions” and send them back to hell. In addition he also made reference to “The Storm”. This is a belief held by the followers of QAnon what did they think Donald trump he was going to do a big police operation where they would arrest a lot of celebrities and billionaires accused of being involved in a worldwide conspiracy of trafficking of children for sexual practices and cannibalism. But that never happened. Far from the fervent followers of QAnon, many people have wanted to express their complaints on Twitter against the actor, which is causing a great controversy.

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This is not the first time he has expressed supportive beliefs for QAnon.

The next movie by Jim caviezel, titled Sound of freedom, follow the story of the self-proclaimed anti-human trafficking activist Tim ballard. The plot tells of his heroic battle in real life against the child trafficking cartels after deciding to quit his job as a first-rate agent in Homeland Security.

We’ll see what happens next with Jim caviezel, since there are many authorized voices asking that he cancel as already happened to the actress Gina Carano. She even had to quit her role as Face dune from the series The Mandalorian which can currently be seen on Disney Plus.