Is it possible to have the benefits of exercise in a pill? Science is a little closer to getting it

Is it possible to have the benefits of exercise in a pill?  Science is a little closer to getting it

Regular physical exercise contributes greatly to health care, being a key element when losing weight and preventing (as well as reversing) obesity. In this sense, it is thought that the benefits of exercise can be obtained with a pill, We tell you if it is really possible.

The molecule that allows exercise to lose weight

Recent studies have focused on discovering the molecule responsible for the benefits of physical activity when losing weight and preventing excess body weight.

Thus, it has been discovered in rodents that exercise stimulates the production of N-lactoyl-phenylalanine better known as Lac-Phe which is a metabolite that suppresses food intake and helps prevent obesity in our body.

is molecule has also been observed in horses and humanswhich is why it is thought to be the main mediator of the beneficial effects of exercise to lose weight and prevent excessive adiposity in the body of mammals.

Its production at the laboratory level could give rise to a pill that reproduces the effects of exercise without moving and without increasing caloric expenditure, being especially useful for people with limitations who cannot move enough every day.

Is it really possible to replace exercise with a pill?

These recent discoveries that explain the benefits of exercise on our body and its mediators. Nevertheless, a pill only reproduces certain effects of physical movement in the body, limiting itself, for example, to favoring the control of food intake and reducing adiposity.

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Physical exercise benefits us in multiple aspects and one of the main ones is related to the mere fact of going outdoors or going to the gym to move, inducing, among other things, the release of substances that improve mood, promote socialization and promote mental and emotional health.

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Namely, exercise offers many more positive effects than the control of food intake or the anti-obesity effect that can be achieved with a pill.

Hardly a single pill can benefit us so much as it achieves the exercise with its practice.

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