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Apple sells quite a few models of its famous iPad, generating doubts among several of them. We will tell you if you may be more interested in the iPad or the iPad Air.

If you hesitate between buying the iPad or buying the iPad Air, it is normal: many users do not know exactly which one is the best for them, and although there is a great difference in several aspects, in the end it all depends on the use that is going to be given.

The comparison between the iPad (2021) and the iPad Air (2020) leaves a clear balance that establishes the Air model as the most powerful of the two, although its price is much higher, above 600 euros usually. Instead, the iPad officially costs 379 euros, something more reasonable for certain people.

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The difference is approximately 200 euros, but is it justified? It depends on the type of user you are, as we will see below in a comparison in which we establish what are the key points of both tablets.

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The iPad Air has more screen and power, so it is much better to work

The new Apple iPad is almost as powerful as the iPad Pro thanks to the Apple A14 Bionic. In addition, it maintains Touch ID and offers a large 10.1 “Retina display.

Apple A13 vs. Apple A14: Although the entry-level iPad has made a big leap in capacity, it is still a generation behind the Air, which can for example edit 4K video without problems.

Its performance is top-notch, second only to the iPad Pro, so for the scarce 600 euros it costs it is a good alternative even to the MacBook Air.

With him you will be able to run absolutely any iPadOS application and even any game.

It is his hallmark, hence some call it “the cheap iPad Pro”.

With fast charging and more than ten hours of use, the Air model can serve you for a full work day

As we have seen in the review of the iPad Air, with normal use it offers more than 10 hours of autonomy without many problems, a truly impressive figure.

With that and the fast charge you can have a fairly complete professional tablet, since you will not have to carry the charger with you and if you carry it you will not have to connect it to the power for too long, at least compared to its younger brother.

Of course, keep in mind that it is possible that in some regions this tablet already comes without a charger included.

The iPad (2021) works very smoothly and will do so for many years, a safe bet

One of the key characteristics of iPads (and all Apple products for that matter) is their longevity. They work well for many years and that makes them a good investment.

When choosing the iPad (2021) or the iPad Air (2020) there are many factors to assess that we have already talked about, but durability is not one of them because both will give you services for many years.

Yes indeed, If you think the basic iPad is more convenient for you, you should know that with the Apple A13 it has guaranteed long-term fluidity, even being the cheaper of the two.

Cheaper but also less colorful, with only two options in the catalog

When Apple introduced the new iPad Air more than a year ago, it did so boasting of a range of colors, and that is that they are available in no less than five of them (blue, space gray, silver, green and rose gold) although the availability it is quite different between them.

For its part, iPads are limited for now to the two classic colors in the brand’s catalog: space gray and silver.

Rounded vs square design more similar to the iPad Pro

There is one big difference between the iPad and the iPad Air, and that is the design. The first opts for the rounded corners that it has been using for more than a decade.

The iPad Air changes and goes to a design that resembles the iPad Pro, with much sharper, square edges.

It is a matter of taste and to decide if you prefer one or the other.

Conclusion: if you are not going to play or work with your tablet, the basic iPad will do for you

This new version of the iPad maintains design and size, although it adds much more power thanks to the Apple A12 Bionic processor.

More power or more savings, the choice is yours. The iPad can provide an excellent service to watch videos, series or run applications of all kinds, although to work it is preferable to scratch your pocket a little more for the Air, especially if you are going to do without the computer.

They are 379 euros against more than 600Yes, but what if you save yourself having to buy a MacBook?

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