The new iPhone 13 was presented along with its cost, butwhat could we buy instead of acquiring this new generation of the smartphone?

Manzana has achieved position efficiently their products over the decades, as does its brand equity. In accordance with Statista, Apple leads the ranking of the companies with the highest brand value worldwide in 2021 with 263.375 million dollars, just above Amazon who has 254.188 million and Google with 191.215 million. It has achieved this through its presence in marketing, advertising, services and products such as tablets, computers, music devices and its flagship product, the iPhone. Statista He supports us again, now showing us data on the growth represented by Apple products, of which the iPhone predominates in its importance, representing 54 percent of its revenue in 2021.

Clearly the followers of Manzana show their iPhone preference about others smartphones of different brands, such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola, among others; However, one of the characteristics that stand out in each generation of the iPhone (since its inception) is its price. First, the iPhone was shown with a higher price than the cell phone market was used to ($ 499-599), so the price fell with the iPhone 3 and later it went up as the generations passed, until it reached to the new iPhone 13 that can cost you 1,099 dollars, that is, 21,881.09 Mexican pesos (considering that currently the value of the dollar is at 19.91 pesos).

In this you could invest instead of buying an iPhone 13

What could you invest in instead of buying an iPhone 13?

For the average Mexican, 21,881 pesos is not such a low figure as not to think twice about buy an iPhone 13. According to data from INEGI, only 2 out of every 100 Mexicans who have a paid job exceed an income of 18,493 pesos per month, so clearly this figure is something difficult to achieve for the average Mexican. To give you a better idea of ​​how much the new iPhone 13 costs, we’ll show you a list of things you could invest in instead of buying this one. new Apple product valued at 21 thousand 881 pesos.

Social Security – According to information from the IMSS, the annual fee for a person to be insured varies depending on age. However, the cost of the iPhone 13 could cover two to three people for a year to receive medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, hospital and maternity assistance among other benefits.

  • 0-19: 6,200.00 pesos
  • 20-29: 7,650.00 pesos
  • 30-39: 8,250.00 pesos
  • 40-49: 9,550.00 pesos
  • 50-59: 9,950.00 pesos
  • 60-69: 13,800.00 pesos
  • 70-79: 14,350.00 pesos
  • 80 and over: 14,850.00 pesos

A motorcycle and safety equipment – There are motorcycles that you can buy for up to 19 thousand pesos, an example of it is the Italika Model FT150 that you can find on Amazon that costs 19,499, in addition to a case that can cost you a thousand pesos, using the surplus of this amount for gasoline, ideal if you want to venture into the world of delivery.

One year of primary education – According to the blog of Kueski, the minimum total cost of a private primary school in Mexico is 16,600 pesos for a school year, allowing the remainder to be used for a child’s supplies and uniforms.

7 pantries – According to information from UNO TV, a basic food pantry was around 2,780 pesos, so we could buy seven and a half of these.

The hitch of a car – Taking into account that the down payment of cars is between 10 and 20 percent of the total value of a vehicle, we could make this payment for a vehicle of up to 200 thousand pesos

2 Laptop – A Acer Aspire 5 Laptop It costs 10,075.50 pesos on Amazon, so it would be enough for two new computers for your agency or business.

5 32-inch televisions – The Philips 32-inch HD TV that is also a Smart TV costs only 3,999 pesos and 5 would cost us 19,995, having 1,885 pesos to spare.

24 years of Amazon Prime – According to the current value of an annual Amazon Prime membership that is valued at 899 pesos, 24 years of this Streaming platform cost 21,573 pesos, so we would even have left over for a couple of months.

Consoles, video games and television – The new Xbox console is around the price of 14 thousand pesos approximately, the Playstation 5 costs 13,499 pesos, assuming that we buy one of these and we had the remaining 7 thousand pesos to spare, you could invest in games and even one of the televisions that you we showed above.

How much do all iPhone models cost together?

For those who have Apple and iPhone as a favorite phone model and that they have probably bought it more than once in any version, if we bought all the models at the same time we would spend 12,849 dollars, that is, 255 thousand 823 pesos (figure depending on the memory capacity of the cell phones). That is, if any Apple fan He has bought all the iPhones since his departure, he has spent more than a quarter of a million Mexican pesos, with which you could give an advance to buy an apartment or even build another floor in a house.

You could buy a lot more things if you decide to invest in something else instead of buying an iPhone 13 with the figure of $ 1,099, even starting a startup Will the new iPhone 13 be worth buying?

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