Follow this tutorial on the Apple tool step by step.

Creating a place in the gallery itself where other people can access to see the images was a remote possibility a few years ago. It is currently a reality, through apps such as Photos on Apple, which has the function of Shared albums for both iPhone and iPad and Mac.

Next, we are going to show you what this tool consists of and how it works if you have any of the Apple devices mentioned above. A step-by-step explanation of everything you can do to share photos and multimedia videos.

What are Apple Shared Albums

It does not have a great mystery. As its name suggests, it allows you to share albums with other users so that they have access to all stored photos, apart from the owner. Best of all, these albums They do not count in iCloud storage, so you can create as many as you want. As they are photos that are already stored, they do not occupy a place in that figure. These albums also lead to interaction between the members, such as comments on the photos that are posted.

How to use these albums in Photos

Let’s now take a look at how to use these public albums and what options are available to you to configure the content.

Activate them on your device quickly

First you have to activate these shared albums, since by default they are not enabled in the Photos app. In each device or version of the operating system it is done differently, so it will depend on where you want to activate them.

If it is from an iPhone or an iPad, access the menu “Settings“and click on your name on the device. Then, look for the section”iCloud“and enter the” Photos “section. From there, you will see the option”Shared albums“with a button to activate it immediately.

On the other hand, if you do it from a Mac, things change slightly. Starting from the Apple menu, select “System preferences“and click”iCloud“. On the next screen, you will see the Photos icon where you can select the”Choices“From there, you enable shared albums.

It is also possible to do it from Apple TV, since the Photos app has adaptations on all the company’s platforms. Following a similar route to that of iPhone or iPad, you have to access “Settings“, set apart from “iCloud“,”Photo settings“and finally you activate this function.

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Add, save and delete photos: all available shared album options

From its activation, there are several options to highlight so that you can use the shared albums in full. If you haven’t opened any yet, you can create a brand new album entirely from scratch. For this, it will also depend on the device that you do it. Although thanks to the synchronization between platforms, all the changes are reflected in any of the versions.

From your iPhone, go to the tab “Albums“from the Photos app. You will see a button”+“to press, where you can create a new album. In”New shared album“You can put a name so that all the guests will recognize it. In the next step, it remains to invite all the users who will have access to said album, and click on”Create“.

If you are on an iPad, it is a very similar process. It is enough to access, from the Photos app, to the top left icon, where a sidebar will be displayed. In this bar will be the option “New shared album“and you have to follow the same steps as on the iPhone.

Finally, on Mac they can also be created very easily. Opening the Photos app, you will see on the left the section “Shared albums“, that by accessing it you will have the button”+“to create one from scratch. After that, it remains to invite the invited people.

From here, you can add any photo from the gallery to the shared album from the context menu that appears every time you select an image. Likewise, you can save an image from the same shared album, either yours or that of another member, by clicking on the “Share“Videos can also be stored, but they cannot be longer than 5 minutes.

Also, if you enter the menu “Edit shared album“, you have a series of extra options that you can configure to make that album to your liking, related to its management. Those additional options are the following:

  • Subscribers can post
  • Public website
  • Notifications
  • Delete shared album
  • Invite people
  • Subscriber List

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