How to use and work in Excel from an iPhone cell phone easily

How to use and work in Excel from an iPhone cell phone easily

Mobile devices are now an indispensable tool for our daily lives. The development of these has been adapted to be more accessible and practical, more and more. Thanks to mobile devices, it is possible to carry out any type of task that previously required a computer to execute. For this reason, as time passes the use of these intensifies.

On the other hand, large companies and companies that operate globally know this and are focused on making things suitable for mobile devices. For this, they develop applications that can be run from mobile phones.

One of these companies is Microsoft which offers a very comprehensive service of very cool packages and programs. Among those that stand out the most is the Microsoft Office package.

Among the package of programs that come in Microsoft Office, you can see Excel, which is the calculation program offered by the company. This program was generally used only on desktop computers.

How to use and work in Excel from an iPhone cell phone easily

But as new ways of doing things have been devised, it is now available for multiple platforms. Recently, it can be found in many of the stores of mobile device operating systems.

This is thanks to the fact that the company has intensified efforts to make a mobile application of its office programs such as office. On the other hand, there are operating systems, the queues are those that are in charge of controlling all the components of the devices.

Among the most popular software currently, is iOS which is the operating system of most Apple devices. Among so many devices that the company has developed, one of the most requested are iPhones.

The iPhone is the Smartphone that the Apple company develops, every so often they launch new versions of these devices. Each time better and with more advanced features, which make it one of the most requested mobile devices.

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Like most operating systems, iOS also has an online store, where users can enter and download any type of application. This is called the App Store, from which you can download Excel.

The way in which this application can be downloaded to an iPhone device is very simple. In this article, you will learn how to use and work in Excel from an iPhone cell phone.

If you want to download Excel on an iPhone device, the procedure is very simple and easy to do. To do this, you only have to access the application store of the App Store device.

How to use and work in Excel from an iPhone cell phone easily

Once you are inside the platform, you have to go to the search bar, located in the upper right corner of the screen. There you must click and write Microsoft Excel, immediately a list of applications will appear in which the first one must be selected.

In this way, you can see a summary of what the application offers and its most important features. Also, you can see a series of screenshots of the application.

To download it, you just have to click on the “Download” option and wait for the process to finish. Once downloaded, we can start using it, to do this, it must be opened and follow the instructions that will be indicated for the first time.

One of the most important features of this application is that it can be used in the cloud from OneDrive. Which means that it is possible to save Excel documents and then observe them from a computer or from any other device.

The way to work in Excel from an iPhone is really very simple, but without leaving behind its functionality and the high level of options that it offers, whether it is how to insert accents or accents. Like it can do almost all kinds of things. The interface offered by the application is very similar to the writing application, so we will feel very familiar.