A new Volume of The Archives has arrived at Dead by daylight and, with it, a new Rift through which to get rewards and cosmetic items. The introduction of this mechanic in Behavior Interactive’s multiplayer horror title was widely applauded long ago, as it offered additional challenges and bonus points. But The Archives has also brought with it a hidden option: save points. In that sense, today we tell you How to save the most points with the Dead by Daylight Archives Tome so you can invest them in the characters that star in the next DLC of the game, which should arrive in a month and a half, approximately.

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As you can see in the image above, the path you must follow in order to save the maximum number of blood points possible is the marked in blue. By doing it and completing all the challenges, you will be able to save for later all the points related to the missions marked in yellow. In total we are talking about a saving of 290,000 blood points that you can add to the million (the limit that the game allows) that you could have accumulated by the time the launch of the next paid content of the game approaches.

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In fact, the timing with respect to the next DLC suggests that in the level 2 of this Volume of The Archives can also be saved missions to further increase your total blood point piggy bank. And it should be remembered that raising a character from level 1 to 50 (the maximum) costs around 1.6 million points, so this technique will allow you to maximize a new character from day one. Remember that the double point period In Dead by Daylight it has just been activated as well, so this is a good chance to rack up as many points as you can.