How to Remove Filters from your Instagram Stories – Quick and Easy Method

How to Remove Filters from your Instagram Stories – Quick and Easy Method

Stories from the Instagram social network are presented as an alternative to Snapchat. They are characterized by being photographs or videos of vertical format in full screen. You can accompany your stories with texts, mentions, tags, surveys, hashtags, among many others. One of the most used ways to edit Our photos are with Instagram filters, which you can modify according to your preference.

Although the stories are posted for 24 hours, they stay in the partner network server storagel, so you can check whenever you want. The rest of the users will not be able to see it, but you as the owner will have this benefit. You have a calendar where you can see when you posted it and a map where you can see where you were at that time. You will have the option to set your story as a featured story and keep it on your profile permanently.

What ways are there to remove filters that you no longer use on your Instagram stories?

Everyone, for example, when creating a birthday story uses Instagram filters, but few know how to customize it depending on the tastes of each person so that it is more comfortable to use. The “Manage Filters” function is a new function that allows you to sort filters by preference and discard the ones you don’t use. The way to manage these filters is through the “Filter administration” panel or from the editor.

From the effects carousel

There is no doubt that these filters have become the most used in recent years. To add filters to your stories you just have to find the creator and add the filter to your account. There are thousands of filters currently on the platform, this leads us to add many and then stop using them. On many occasions we use them to later share Instagram stories on WhatsApp, since there we have more filters. To get rid of these filters you should only:

  • Enter the Instagram platform and select the option to upload a new story.
  • Once inside the stories, you will see within the “Normal” option all the filters that you have downloaded will appear. Go to the one you want to delete and press the name.
  • When the pop-up window appears, you must press the “More” option.
  • Of all the options you must select the one that says “Delete”. The filter will be removed from the carousel.
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Directly from cache

Once you followed these steps, you must make sure that the filter is erased. You do this step by clearing the application cache on your device. To clear the cache on your Android device step by step, you must:

  • Go to the “Settings” of the phone. Once here, go to the “Applications” section.
  • Once inside “Applications” you select the option “Instagram”.
  • Within Instagram, select the “Storage” section.
  • After this step, select the “Clear cache” option.

phone with instagram stories

How can you remove a filter that you no longer want to see in your photo?

Many times we have good photographs that a user has placed an extra filter on, the most common is the blurred background filter, which may be different to personal preferences. Or maybe it has some tacky stickers or emoticons. Luckily there are ways to see the original photograph, without additions. To recover a photo and return it to its original state, remove the filters and the added elements, there are some applications that although they do not recover the photo in its entirety, it leaves you a very similar one.

What Apps can you use to remove filters from photos and videos that you no longer want to use?

To carry out the recovery of the original photo, remove the filter or remove the emoticons, stickers or unwanted objects, you can use certain applications. Simply download them directly to your mobile device or computer. Some of them are:

  • Snapseed: Complete photo editor
  • Remove Object: Remove objects
  • Arsal Nazir: Remove Objects
  • Retouch Photo: Remove logos and watermarks
  • Image Noise Remover & Enhancer: Eliminate noise
  • Adobe Photoshop Express: Photo Editor

person using a phone

How can you manage the filters you want and don’t want to use on Instagram?

The “Manage filters” function will allow you to create order, show or hide filters in your list in the application. This function will appear when you are about to publish a photo. When you publish the photo, a panel appears with all the filters available for your photo. You can do the management of your filters in two ways:

  • Dragging and dropping filters: You can drag the filter to the position of the menu you want and if you want to hide it, drag it towards the center of the screen. If you want to show it again later, you can do it directly from the filter configuration panel.
  • From the filter administration panel: To access this panel, you drag yourself to the end of the filter list and select the “Manage” option, where you will see a complete list of active and hidden filters. To move the filters just press the three stripes and move to the position you want. To save any configuration just press the “X” above.