Sometimes we need to save WhatsApp conversations on Android and PC, perhaps due to business or insurance claims, personal issues, lawsuits, legal issues or simply valuable information such as legal or study documents.

In addition, online sales are very popular, these operations are almost always carried out through messages, usually by WhatsApp. Hence, as they are business, disputes or misunderstandings arise when making transactions between sellers and consumers. It is for that reason that it is important to know how to restore a backup to WhatsApp from Google Drive on Android or iPhone.

Hence, we do not know when we will need to have these messages on hand. That is why it is important to have evidence of that, the only way to have physical evidence is by printing these messages, of course, we will see how to do it with several methods that we will describe.

The ways to print are many there are from applications, other simple methods or with the same phones you can also do it.

We are clear that Android as an operating system cannot print the messages, this may seem an obstacle, but it is not, now it will be demonstrated, so keep reading so that you learn how to do it easily.

How to print WhatsApp messages on Android mobiles?

There are several steps that must be done to achieve it, here we explain step by step how to print those chats.

Before starting, keep in mind that you must have a Gmail email account. If you don’t have it yet, you can create a Gmail account at this link.

Step 1

We have to download and install the SMS Backup application from the play store, it is free. When we have it installed, we allow you access to our Gmail account. It is easy to click connect, then there it asks you for the Gmail account you want to use. At this time the app will start sending your messages to your Gmail email.

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Step 2

Upon reaching the account, they will be stored as read, and it will also indicate that they are SMS. Right there is where you can see them as emails, to of course print them.

Step 3

When you access your Gmail account, it looks for them as SMS, marks the ones you want and prints them. All this stored information is saved in backup copies.

Alternative methods to print WhatsApp messages

There are also simple methods like these:

Method 1

Enter the chat you want to print, click on the three points that appear, then press send chat by mail, when you have it in the mail you open it and print.

Method 2

Another method is to take a screen capture, save it on your mobile, then use the data cable to transfer it to your computer to print it from there.

Method 3

There is also that you connect your phone to the PC and debug it, then a request appears to access the phone screen, press allows, then a window appears on the computer that shows a button that says start, in a few minutes you will see the messages, select you to want to print.

Why print WhatsApp messages?

How to print text messages or WhatsApp messages on Android phones

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned the reasons that many have for doing so and that is that WhatsApp has become a messaging and calling service that replaces a large part of our way of communicating, but even so there are crimes and even agreements are made that later they are not fulfilled by the parties, therefore it is necessary to print messages.

As we have seen, there are several ways to print text messages or WhatsApp messages, they are very practical, easy, simple to do, what we have is to use them.

The reasons for printing these messages are many depending on your circumstances or needs, what we do know is that we can do it with some of these methods that we recommend.

In another vein, if you have problems and want to know why you can’t send videos on WhatsApp, in this article we have the Solution.

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