Population studies become quite a broad job, through which you need to know different details of the lifestyle, personality and habits of different people.

This can be a big problem when it comes to reaching these populations and being aware of all this in detail, and then capturing the general results and doing an analysis on it.

If you do not have previous experience in this type of work, you may have some problems, but that is why different tools are used to make the job easier, such as surveys.

Through a survey, the person can make many of their opinions, thoughts and others known, just by filling the empty circle with a couple of circles. This allows the person to write important data through the forms about your page.

It is also a quick tool to use, since just asking the person to fill a couple of pages with what they think can take only a couple of minutes.

Of course, technology has also had to do this much more, simple: the process of having to give a pencil and paper to a person is no longer the same as before.

Now, all kinds of surveys can be done digitally, just by sending the questionnaire to the person and having them fill it out before sending it again, you have a good option. It should be noted that many people use Google tools for this.

But, if you want the best way to easily perform questionnaires on a computer, you can use the questionnaires that you can put together through Microsoft Excel; and it is precisely about this that we are going to talk to you today.

How to create online surveys with Microsoft Excel online for free

Building your own Survey in OneDrive for work or school

You must bear in mind that unfortunately this process cannot be done for free. This is because the entire process has been implemented in Microsoft 365, which is a tool that requires payment.

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Through the tools that OneDrive and Microsoft 365 have, you can access the Excel forms tools to enter data.

All you have to do is log into your Microsoft 365 account, then click on the “New” option and then on the ” Excel Forms ” option.

Then, you must follow the instructions on the screen, adding a particular name for your survey and creating it in order to start adding the questions. For this, just click on “Add question” and you will see the options of how they can be answered, either through simple selection, writing a text, dates or more.

When creating a question, you have to remember that you can always add or delete options through the on-screen buttons. You also have the option of asking the compulsory questions, which appear randomly or being able to order the questions through the arrows that you have in the upper right corner.

Finally, you can add suggestions through the “Add suggestion” option and manage what possible answers the person could put in if they answer through text. Finally, check the preview of the survey through the preview and you can save it if you like it.

How to create online surveys with Microsoft Excel online for free

Using OneDrive

This option may be a little simpler than the previous one, since you only have to enter OneDrive, and after clicking “Create” you will have to enter “Excel Survey”, to choose if you want to do a new survey.

Now, on the screen, a survey sheet will appear that you must fill out, where you can put a title and a description if you want it.

Just follow the instructions on the screen to be able to ask the questions, drag them with the cursor to put a new order and finally save it, remembering that you can share it through the “Survey” button.