How to Add an Automatic Chatbot to a Web Page in Wix – Very Easy

How to Add an Automatic Chatbot to a Web Page in Wix – Very Easy

Platforms like Wix are rapidly positioning themselves as a tool to create web pages in the market. It offers the possibility of creating a website through content managers without being an expert in web design. Any user without knowledge has the opportunity to add an automatic chatbox to their website to make it a professional-looking website.

A chatbox is a unique opportunity to attract customers, especially if your business is essential to make online sales. Currently, they work not only as a tool to start a conversation with a client, but they are able to respond to every need.

How to add a chatbox to a web page in Wix?

How to Add an Automatic Chatbot to a Web Page in Wix - Very Easy

If you have reached this point, you have a Wix account and you are in the middle of the process of creating your website. It is easy to get familiar with the Wix tools because it is an intuitive platform.

  • To create a chat first, log into your account and go to the Wix editor on the website.
  • Click the Add Apps icon in the Wix menu on the left.
  • The Wix app market opens, and there you should find the chat section, to see the available applications.

There is a list of applications that are useful for different requirements, in the list, there are 16 available applications. Some tools are free and others are paid. Many of the premium applications have a trial period that you could use to test them and decide whether or not you want to pay for the membership.

Use Wix Chat

  • Wix chat is in the first position and is one of the most popular for being a free tool. Click the + Add button.
  • It will install automatically and in an instant, you will be in the Wix editor.
  • To make settings, simply click on the Wix chat and then click on Options.
  • Initially set the time you reply to conversations in the Schedule online chat hours link.
  • Choose the location and shape of the chat in Styles. Change the position and display of the new message.
  • Completely change the appearance of the chat window from the Design option.  Modify the background color, font style, and border shape.
  • In the Wix chat options, you can modify profile photo, Chatbot title, welcome message and response time.
  • To access the messages and automate the chatbot, choose the Open Wix Inbox option.
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Wix Chat allows you to connect with the Facebook page and even with your email. You can reply to messages from your mobile phone, store contacts, assign roles and tasks to other assigned users.

Use Easy Chat

  • Although it is a less popular option than the previous one, it has a fairly complete free version. Find the application within the available Chat group and click the + Add button.
  • When it is installed in the Wix Editor, you just have to select the application by a simple click on the tool and then select Options to configure the Chatbot.
  • By clicking Settings you can configure the initial and welcome messages of the chat.
  • From Design configure the colors and fonts.
  • Select Main and then Manage Answer to configure the automatic responses of the Chatbot.

How to Add an Automatic Chatbot to a Web Page in Wix - Very Easy

The great advantage of using the Easy Chat tool is that it has an Analytics section to analyze the interaction of users with the chatbot through reports.

The evolution of the Chatbot

Initially, the Bots were created to automate processes through artificial intelligence, without the presence of a human being. The chatbot is a box specialized in holding conversations with a human being and responding to problems automatically.

The goal is that you can support the user and have a conversation naturally as if it were a human. This technology has progressed over time and now they offer a wider response range.

It can even detect when a person speaks sarcastically and the different types of tones a person can use. This allows to offer specific answers for each need.