how much of what you have been told is true

how much of what you have been told is true

The microwave is a device widely used today, especially because it helps to solve preparations and cook food in a very short time. However, there are many microwave myths and truths that we listen, that’s why we reveal how much of what you have been told is truein this article.

False myths about the microwave

The microwave is an artifact that through electromagnetic waves mobilizes the water particles of each food and so, heat or cook.

Around it there are many false myths that we want to eradicate as well as clarify, to make proper use of this device that can help us cook more at home without consuming much time and effort.

The microwave returns to dangerous food

The electromagnetic waves emitted by the microwave oven are not transmitted to the food, that is, a food does not become radioactive and those electromagnetic waves do not reach our organism, therefore, it is not dangerous at all.

However, yes there may be leaks of electromagnetic waves in a dirty microwave, which does not close well or that it is damaged. Therefore, the WHO recommends for greater safety and to make it a completely harmless and safe device, that it be in perfect conditions of hygiene and integrity.

Microwave oven

The continued use of the microwave can make us sick

We have already said that the electromagnetic waves of this device do not pass into food and if the device is in good condition, healthy and clean, it is Impossible we get sick due to its use.

Much is said about the use of microwaves can cause cancer, but it is important to clarify that the waves of the device do not affect the DNA and do not cause mutations, therefore they cannot increase the health risk of developing tumors.

Microwaving destroys most nutrients

Regarding the nutritional quality of what we cook in the microwave, it has been said that cooking can cause a great loss of nutrients.

However, studies carried out some time ago indicated that There are no significant differences between the nutritional quality of a dish prepared in the microwave and another using another cooking method.

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Also, more recently an investigation indicated that the microwave and the conventional oven were the best devices to preserve antioxidant properties of food compared to other cooking methods.

Therefore, we can confirm that the use of microwaves does not produce loss of nutrients On the contrary, you can preserve many properties by steaming food by mobilizing water particles from each dish.

Any container is valid for a microwave

This is another false myth that we must eliminate, since to guarantee a safe and adequate use of the microwave suitable containers are required for it. In other words, materials such as silicone or pyrex work very well in this device and are not altered due to heating or cooking.

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In addition, we can use glass containers, but not any plastic or tupperware is suitable for microwaves, since many of them are deformed, altered and degraded, being able to pass toxic substances to the food.

The metals are not suitable to put in the microwave as they can cause explosions inside it, damaging both the device and the food and the user.

Microwave oven

The truths about using microwaves

Just as there are many false myths that we must banish about the use of the microwave, there are various truths that are important to preserve about this artifact and its utilities.

The egg can explode in the microwave

Due to the method of microwave cooking and the mobilization of water particles inside an egg, the shell may explode due to high concentration of vapor inside.

Therefore, cooking the whole egg is not recommended and if we do it using the microwave, it is advisable to use suitable devices that contain it or to control the cooking times very well.

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The use of microwaves can cause burns

Such as with other cooking methods or even with the conventional oven, when cooking or heating food in the microwave we can suffer burns.

The food is cooked unevenly, and therefore may have a very high temperature on the outside or the container may be very hot, this being the cause of perfectly avoidable burns if we take the right precautions.

The microwave cooks unevenly

This is another truth about the cooking that we can achieve with a microwave oven or the heating that it produces.

Because the microwave uses the mobilization of the water particle of each food, depending on its composition some parts of a dish may be heated or cooked before othersthus resulting in a very uneven option.

To achieve a more homogeneous heating, it is also advisable to ensure that the turntable works correctly in the microwave, cover food when cooking or stir every so often, during cooking.

Any food can be cooked or microwaved

While all foods can be heated or cooked using the microwave, not all are the same and the result is not always satisfactory.

In the case of the egg, for example, it can be cooked once opened without its shell and having removed it, or as part of preparations without any inconvenience, while the whole egg with its shell is dangerous.

It can also happen with a bread that is not advisable to reheat due to the consistency it acquires. However, this food and other cereals or derivatives can be cooked perfectly with this device.

These are the myths and truths that are important to consider about the use of the microwave taking into account that, with precautions and care, it is a very useful device when cooking in a short time and with minimal effort at home.

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