How expensive is it to have a smart home? Netzhome tells you

How expensive is it to have a smart home?  Netzhome tells you

The smart home are becoming more and more part of our reality thanks to its benefits, buthow expensive is it?

The constant advances in technology have allowed more and more homes to have different devices capable of supporting us in our day-to-day life, even facilitating our work (a couple of years ago this type of doubtful products of veracity, similar to a science movie fiction). According to the National Sales Manager for GHIA and Mirati Home, Zeferino Pérez, the value of this market worldwide for the homes smart (smart homes) is estimated at $ 12 billion; in the same way he comments that:

“Smart home participation in Mexico is distributed as follows. 31% are covered by smart bulbs; 33% for electrical issues (controlling gates, environments); 21% in video surveillance; 3% home appliance (electrical appliances) and 6% in sensors, either for security such as magnetic contacts or motion detectors. It is the way the Mexican market is growing and it is where we are heading ”.

Among some iconic devices that have achieved the evolution of homes are personal assistants, such as Alexa with Amazon or Cortana from Microsoft; Or maybe you prefer something more colorful like the now indispensable color-changing LED lights used by gamers. However, there are still endless possibilities for products or accessories that make this possible.

Is it expensive to have a smart home?

With so many state-of-the-art gadgets and advances that 10 years ago we might not believe possible, it is very common to wonder How expensive is it to own and maintain a smart home? Well the answer is friendlier than you think.

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Netzhome has on its website a wide catalog of products (quite accessible) capable of turning your home into a smart home, among them: ip cameras, Wi-Fi spotlights, Wi-Fi sensors, Wi-Fi sockets and smart doorbells.

If we take into account that you must invest in these products, at first you will see an expense recorded in your finances (depending on your economic stability). You can find products from 349 Mexican pesos, however, it should be noted that these can be used and programmed from the palm of your hand, making use of its free application that even allows you to program their hours of use.

That’s right, you can program for how long you want it to be on or off, and even program these objects so that at certain times of the day or night, they stop consuming energy unnecessarily. We will give you a more practical example to explain it a little better:

Pedro comes home tired and with a low battery, goes to sleep and leaves his phone connected charging at night. Pedro wakes up the next morning and realizes that he left his cell phone connected all night, consuming unnecessary energy. With Netzhome smart devices this would not happen, since the Wi-Fi Socket allows you to deactivate the power pass at the time you program, so that in this case, Pedro, has the comfort of leaving his phone charging at night and at 2 in the morning it stopped receiving power.

Having a smart home can be a bit expensive at firstHowever, the benefits we have from energy saving will be present little by little within your personal finance.