Google Maps launches widgets on iPhone: this is how they work

Google Maps launches widgets on iPhone: this is how they work

Google maps finally add widgets in iOS 14. Until now, the navigation app did not have the ability to pin relevant information on the home page of an iPhone. Other applications of the company, such as Chrome or Gmail, have been implementing widgets since the first months of the launch of iOS 14.

Specifically, there are two widgets that the Google maps app has implemented in its version 5.74. One of them is called “Know Before You Go” and it takes up a 1×1 space. It allows you to know relevant information about traffic, road conditions, nearby restaurants or details about store hours and reviews. The second widget, which has a longer format, offers the possibility of access some sections of the navigation, such as the route to work, restaurant, stores or nearby gas stations. The new Google Maps widget also integrates a search box to quickly type a location.

Unlike Android, where we can perform actions from the widget itself, those of iOS 14 only allow create shortcuts that redirect to the application. Therefore, when you click on some of the widget options, the Google Maps app will open.

To be able to enjoy the Google Maps widgets it is essential update the app to the latest version. In iOS 14, updates are done automatically. However, it is also possible to install the new version manually, by accessing the App Store and clicking on the account icon that appears in the upper area.

To add a Widget, you only need to make a long press on the home screen. Then, Click on the “+” button that appears at the top of the page. In the list of widgets, locate Google Maps. Finally, select one of the two widgets and drag it to the home screen. iOS 14 allows you to create a group of widgets and combine it with other applications. To do this, it is only necessary to place the widget on top of another one that is already integrated into the home screen, and the group of widgets will automatically be created.

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