from the terrace to the kitchen or the bathroom

from the terrace to the kitchen or the bathroom

Many times when choosing how furnish our house one of the aspects to which we give the most importance -and rightly so- is his versatility. Precisely for this reason, furniture abounds lately that we can put in several rooms without problems because they will be perfectly integrated in all of them.

And today we have signed one of those times of furniture in Ikea: his famous car RÅSKOG. A metal cart that we have been keeping an eye on for years and that today we are going to explore all the possibilities that it offers us at home. Since having wheels we can move it from one side to another without effort. It is available in two colors, black and white, and costs 49 euros.

Novelties Spring 2022 – IKEA

In the office or study room

For books or notes

There is something that is not missing in any office or study room and it is books and notes, especially in the case of opponents. Being an open cart, we not only have everything at hand, but also at a glance we will find what we are looking for.

To store school supplies

Another idea to integrate the cart in our office or study room is keeping in it all the office material that we have: pens, markers, pencils. And if we have space left over, we also have notebooks or more books, as in the previous case.

In the kitchen

For fruits and vegetables

Being a mobile cart we can store food in itwhether they are fruits, vegetables or legumes, and easily access them at any time while cooking. We can, for example, divide the cart so that each shelf corresponds to a specific type.

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for the coffee

Another option is to use it for keep everything related to tea and coffee in itbe it the plates, the envelopes, the sugar, the cups, the coffee maker… So we can also take it directly to the living room, for example, when we go to have a snack.

In the bathroom

For towels and soaps

The bathroom is usually one of the smallest rooms in the house, in which we never tend to have too much space. That is why the trolley is ideal for place towels, soaps and even toilet paper rolls in it and move it around the bathroom depending on where we need it.

On the terrace

Our terrace or garden is probably going to be one of the rooms in which we spend the most time as soon as the heat arrives and with this cart we can squeeze it even more. An idea is put plants in itwhether artificial or natural, although we can also put all kinds of things.

in the baby’s room

And finally we can use it as a cart to store diapers, wipes or other items that we need to have at hand in the baby’s room. It is ideal to have next to the changing tablefor example.

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