Flappy Bird revives in Minecraft thanks to an amazing creation with redstone

Flappy Bird revives in Minecraft thanks to an amazing creation with redstone

Minecraft that of video games that has remained in the video game industry for years, and that is, the beloved construction title has really amazed many of us with its great freedom to create everything we have in mind, just as we can mention that today is dedicated to one of the creations of the video game that makes use of redstone.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that Minecraft is a video game that has constantly managed to surprise us, and since this Mojang title was launched on the market we have seen constructions that are completely beyond my understanding.

Normally, these constructions are usually focused on reconstructing real locations or other fictional works within this cube game, but I think we are forgetting the tremendous potential that redstone has, one of the most forgotten elements, but at the same time most useful. inside the title.

The mechanisms that people do, whether it’s to show amazing things, to annoy their friends, or just for fun, are completely beyond our understanding. Despite this, and the fact that most Minecraft users are in the same situation, over the years we have seen incredible things made with this mineral, such as a computer, but now one of the most curious creations has arrived with redstone.

Flappy Bird quickly became one of the most downloaded games in the history of mobile devices, and it was no wonder given how incredibly addictive it was, although it also encouraged the violent part of being human. Alleging the charge to the conscience that this violence engendered by its title supposed to him, the developer decided to withdraw it, but this did not end his fame.

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Since then we have received a large number of titles that adapt the gameplay of Flappy Bird to another environment, or that simply shamelessly try to copy this famous title, but now we have been able to see how it has been recreated in Minecraft, and no, it has not been with a mod.

The Reddit user u/mattbatwings2 shared through his account on this social network how he had managed to create a functional Flappy Bird within a Minecraft world, mainly using redstone circuits to achieve it. He would say that this is really impressive, and without knowing how long it has taken him to achieve this, it turns out to be a great achievement that few people could match within the video game.