Five keys to get big and strong legs efficiently

Five keys to get big and strong legs efficiently

For many, the legs are the most backward muscles because we train them constantly and, even so, it is difficult for us to develop them.

In this article we tell you five strategies to make them grow.

Includes plyometrics and PPA in the warm-up

If you want to increase the size of your legs, you have to lift more weight. If you want to lift more weight, you have to warm up well.

Including plyometrics and post activation potentiation in the warm-up can be very helpful.

Plyometric exercises can make you more efficient moving from the eccentric phase to the concentric phase. For example, including depth jumps can make it easier for you to bounce back up into a squat when you’re at your bottom.

Post activation potentiation has great benefits, but the main one is that it will increase the amount of force that we are able to exert per unit of time. To carry it out we have to use a weight greater than the one we are going to lift later.

We recommend that you always do it after the general warm-up.

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You may be overestimating what you eat

It is worth calculating the calories you need and the ones you are eating. There are many calculators on the internet that allow you to calculate the calories you spend and applications that allow you to write down the calories you consume.

It is not necessary that you write down what you eat every day, but if you do it 1 or 2 times, it will allow you to know more exactly what you are eating.

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Do multi-joint exercises

Multi-joint exercises will make you gain much more muscle mass than specific exercises because they involve a higher number of muscle fibers because it allows you to move more weight and because the transfer of force that occurs between them is greater than in specific exercises. The stronger you are in the squat, the more improvement potential you have in deadlifting.

The 3 main multi-joint leg exercises are the squats, deadlifts and hip thrusts.

These 3 exercises and their variations will help you work your legs very effectively.

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How many repetitions do I do?

Although the exercises can be worked in ranges between 1 and 5 repetitions, the most efficient is to work them in ranges between 6 and 12 repetitions and, do leg twice a week.

Intelligent training volume distribution

If you do an intelligent distribution of the training volume, you will get better results, that is, if you have to perform 9 series of squats a week, it is more worthwhile to distribute them in two or three days, because the amount of fatigue that you are going to accumulate in this way, it will be much less, improving considerably more in this exercise and will allow you to grow more.

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