First Friday of fall and last of September. Time is flying by so we have to make the most of it to feel good, feel beautiful and wonderful. Therefore, it is time to review what are our five essentials of the week, where we find a brushstroke of everything a little.

A beauty treatment in Barcelona

Yes, it is already a classic to start this section with a beauty treatment and it will not be today when we break that tradition. Therefore, today we are going to the new Backstage center in the Alura Beauty space in Barcelona, ​​where we find the Primaluce Exfo & White treatment by Bioline Jatò consisting of an innovative proposal in the world of peels cosmetics With which to achieve a skin with a younger appearance, totally renewed and uniform, with a healthy and radiant appearance.


Thus, the Italian firm Bioline Jatò has developed an innovative skincare line that combines epidermal renewal with treatments to correct the cutaneous dyschromia, mostly caused by stains.

The main ingredients of this line are Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA) and the Polyhydroxy acids (PHA), which are enhanced by boosters and natural functional complexes such as Japanese cedar or larch, which amplify the renewing action, illuminating and clarifying of cosmetic formulations without altering their delicate nature, favoring the barrier function of the skin.

In the cabin, the protocol combines these products with exclusive Bioline massage techniques, specifically, the stimulating maneuvers of the Caresse massage, with which they offer immediately visible results in terms of skin renewal, luminosity and uniformity of the complexion, results that are enhanced and improved with the use of the products associated with the line at home.

As for the duration of the treatment, it is approximately one hour with a price of 80 euros. The center is located at Avinguda Diagonal 609-615 (Entrance by Joan Güell) in Barcelona.

A plataform

Today we want to talk to you about a new tool that comes from the Group of the French pharmacist Jean-Noël Thorel. This is Ask-NAOS a platform so that users can decipher the composition of BIODERMA and INSTITUT ESTHEDERM products with the aim of providing full transparency in skincare ingredients.


Thus, Ask-NAOS is a platform that achieves decode formulas and ingredients, patents and technologies of BIODERMA’s products: “You can do it in two ways: consult the list of ingredients of a product and click on each one for more information or explore them according to their role in the formulation of each product”. In this way, we can make informed and reasoned decisions about skin care and the products we choose to apply on it.

A prize

These days the MBFWM has been held in the capital where there has been a name that has sounded a lot. And is that Anaïs Vauxcelles, by the firm 404 Studio, has been the winner of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent award with her collection “La Planète Sauvage”.

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Thus, this Valencian woman has won in the 18th edition of the Award with a collection based on a science fiction work whose garments take as visual reference the colors and imagery of the film, as well as the shapes of the characters, their landscapes and natural elements.

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Download 2021 09 24t183744 246

“A work of science fiction that narrates a psychological drama between the two races that inhabit this planet and that concludes that there are no good or bad, but positions of ignorance both on one side and the other”, explains the designer who has already dressed artists of the stature of Dua Lipa, Kylie Minogue, Bad Gyal, Amaia Romero, Natalia Lacunza among others, including the character of Cayetana in ‘Elite’ and that next October he will parade on the catwalk in Los Angeles.

Without a doubt, a name to take into account.

A getaway to Santiago de Compostela

As a recommended getaway of the week we go to the north, specifically a hotel with a lot of charm, the A Quinta da Auga Hotel Spa Relais & Châteaux de Santiago de Compostela where to pamper yourself and break the routine and where to enjoy, not only an impressive environment and facilities, but also the therapies and treatments offered by a luxury Spa.


This care space is one of the most recognized in the area since the design, the quality of its hydrotherapy treatments and the personalized manual therapies make it a true luxury for the senses.


The Spa Circuit and the Private Spa They offer the best hydrotherapy facilities to help relieve tension and enjoy a few moments of relaxation. Come on, ideal for a getaway where treatments based on traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda make us have a feeling of global well-being.


A product

And finally, as a product of the week I have to tell you about Concentrated Collagen Gel de Rosâge by Anne Möller, a combination of marine collagen and Phytosan K (an ingredient extracted from soybeans) that completes the cosmetics of the Rosâge line of the brand, specific for the skin from 50 years.

anne moller

Concentrated Collagen Gel It has a light texture that is absorbed immediately and contains a super-concentrated Collagen Enhancing Complex (14%) and 97% ingredients of natural origin, which help to rebuild the structure of the skin, strengthening its natural repair mechanisms.

The result is an immediate improvement in the appearance of the skin, which appears more dense and rejuvenated, at the same time that superficial wrinkles are smoothed, repairs the damage caused by free radicals and stimulates the production of collagen in the dermis which has a immediate beneficial effect on hydration level. Let’s go, a product that I assure you that my mother is delighted with it and that has a price of 40 euros.

Gel Rosâge Concentrated Collagen 15 ml Anne Möller

Gel Rosâge Concentrated Collagen 15 ml Anne Möller

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