First spy photo of the new KIA EV9, an electric SUV larger than the Sorento

First spy photo of the new KIA EV9, an electric SUV larger than the Sorento

The development process of the new KIA EV9 is underway. It is the first time that KIA’s new 100% electric SUV has been photographed during its road tests. We are facing a totally new and large SUV. It’s bigger than the Sorento. It will go on sale in Europe in 2023.

Kia is working at full capacity on the next 100% electric SUV that it will introduce in the Old Continent. The development process of new Kia EV9 is underway and proof of this is the sighting that has occurred in the distant and exotic South Korea. An EV9 prototype has been spotted in broad daylight while undergoing a road test session.

is the first time that the next KIA electric is seen in prototype form. To date we have only been aware that this model will end up in European dealers thanks to the statements issued by the brand itself. That is why this sighting comes to materialize all the information made public during the previous months.

The KIA Concept EV9 advances the main keys of KIA’s next electric SUV, the EV9

KIA EV9, a 100% electric SUV larger than the Sorento

The first spy photo of the new EV9 It has been taken at a considerable distance and from a moving vehicle. That is why it does not have a very good quality. Now, if the EV9 is already driving on roads open to traffic, it is only a matter of time before there will be the possibility of photographing it from a standstill and from all angles. We will be attentive to any type of sighting that may occur.

The prototype sports the characteristic KIA camouflage. And although it covers most of the exterior, the general forms of the vehicle are perfectly intuited. We must pay attention to the roof line, the A and B pillars, as well as the shape of the belt line. Shapes that quickly remind us of the KIA Concept EV9, the conceptual model that advances the future production version of the EV9.

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will have a approx length 4.9 meters, so it will be located one step above the Sorento in the KIA range in Europe. It will be the second model of the South Korean firm to make use of the e-GMP platform, an architecture developed by Hyundai Motor Group for battery electric cars. The current KIA EV6 already uses it.

KIA Concept EV9 - rear
The new KIA EV9 will have more than 500 kilometers of autonomy and will be sold in Europe

The autonomy of the new KIA EV9

Regarding the propulsion system, something crucial since it is a 100% electric vehicle, we can take the figures of the conceptual model as a reference. The KIA Concept EV9 has a Approximate autonomy of 540 kilometers and is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 5 seconds. It is to be expected that the production model that lands in the dealerships will have a lower autonomy and for several reasons. The first of them is directly due to its condition as an SUV type vehicle and, the second, its enormous size, and therefore, its high weight.

A very important issue and that we can confirm that we will see in the production version is that it will have OTA and FOD services. It will be the first KIA to make use of such technologies, allowing customers to purchase software functions to unlock certain features. In addition, it will have AutoMode autonomous driving technology.

When will it hit the market? KIA recently confirmed that the launch of the new EV9 in Europe will take place sometime in the next year 2023. In addition to Europe, it will also be marketed in Asia and North America. It is a global approach vehicle. The roadmap established by KIA aims to have a range of 14 electric cars by 2027. The EV9 is one of these new models.

Source: KCB