Final Fantasy XIV Online: patch 6.2 announced along with the presentation of Island Sanctury – New missions, dungeons and more

Final Fantasy XIV Online: patch 6.2 announced along with the presentation of Island Sanctury – New missions, dungeons and more

Square Enix and Final Fantasy continue their 2022 with everything. This time FFXIV Online presented its patch 6.2, Buried Memory and announced Island Sanctuary. All the details here!

through the Letter from the Producer LIVEintroduced the new patch 6.2 called Buried Memory addressed to Final Fantasy XIVOnline. In turn, they anticipated some details of what will be Island Sanctuarycontent to come later.

Many novelties will arrive in the virtual lands of the Final Fantasy XIV. From the hand of Buried Memory, the delivery of Square Enix will have new quest main and secondary dungeons, raids, trails as well as mid-patch updateslisted as a patch 6.25.

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FFXIV Online: all patch content 6.18, 6.2, 6.25 and projections for the future Island Sanctuary

First of all, the next thing on the list of updates you have in mind Square Enix for final fantasy XIV is the patch 6.18which has an announced date for July 5th. By means of this, the new data center, meteorfor the region of Japan and there are plans for Europe also.

With regard to the old continent, they will receive two new worlds in each data centerstructured as follows: Data Center Chaos – Sagittarius Y Phantom beside Light –Alpha Y Raiden. DC is a function that allows you to move between worlds, but currently unable to travel between regions.

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Now, let’s talk about patch 6.2. Inside of the streaming ad, Naoki Yoshida, director and producer of final-fantasyrevealed the new content coming to issue number 14 of the Japanese franchise:

  • Main Scenario Missionswhich will continue the most recent story of the video game.
  • Main Stage Modifications: duty support expanded from Snow Cloak until The Vault
  • Side Missionsfocused on the plot of Tataru’s Grand Endeavor.
  • A new Dungeon called The Fell Court of Troia.
  • a new trail that will represent a challenge both in difficulty normal and extreme, with more details to come.
  • unreal-trail vs. Sephirot in the Containment Bay S1T7.
  • Updates to RRP: They will start both PvP Series 2 and how Crystal Conflict Series 3 the day of the patch release and Rival Wings to be continue.
  • Raids for 8 players: Pandæmonium: Abyssos will have available both the difficulty normal What savagewhich is scheduled to arrive a week after the patch.
  • Also, FFXIV ad various updateswhich will cover general aspects of the video game.
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In addition, Yoshida approached details about the update of mid-patch, 6.25, which will enter the following:

  • Plus side quests: with Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures as its main theme.
  • Weapon upgrade quests: the Manderville Weapons They will be chosen to be able to advance to their next form.
  • Tribal Quests: Omicron: No, it does not have to do with any variant of the infamous virus that we know of, but with missions based on Disciples of the Land.
  • battle content Variant Dungeons: an experience to live between 1 to 4 players. The difficulty will change according to the members of the party and users will be able to choose different routes that will change your run.
  • Another path: Criterion Dungeons: Final Fantasy presents this section as content of great difficulty for those looking for a real challenge.

To conclude, we will replicate the information provided on Island Sactuary. Currently, what is known about it is that it will be a content of single player, where users will do various jobs such as collecting materials, all to obtain a currency that can be exchanged for special objects. What do you think of the new content for Final Fantasy XIVOnline?