Filter images of Starfield for Xbox Series X | S

Filter images of Starfield for Xbox Series X | S

One of the most anticipated games of this year is Starfieldthe new Xbox Series X|S exclusive developed by Bethesda, but so far we have not seen much of the game and its gameplay is unknown. However, this weekend five images of the game were leaked, supposedly taken from a version of Starfield from 2018.

All five images were posted on Reddit and show us what appears to be a space base. An image shows us the character that the player controls outside said base, with a user interface that indicates the health, resistance, number of bullets, grenades and a compass. However, it is very likely that the design of the interface has changed in recent years.

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Starfield was officially announced in June of last year during E3 2021, when it was announced as a new exclusive for Xbox Series X|S. However, since then nothing of the game has been shown again, so fans are impatient for new information given that it has a scheduled release date of November 2022.

Recently, a post on Bethesda’s blog raised the expectations of gamers, as design director Emil Pagliarulo said that Starfield was something truly special, promising that “the players will lose their minds”. Of course Emil also said that now they just needed to finish Starfield so they could show it to the players.

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Although many Bethesda fans are waiting for news about The Elder Scrolls VI, which has been announced for almost four years now, it is known that it is still in the design phase, so there is a long time before it arrives. Because of this, Starfield will be the game that sets the foundation for the company’s future.

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