Fan art makes sweet Pokémon versions in desserts and food

Fan art makes sweet Pokémon versions in desserts and food

There are people who think that beauty is found in variety, and that is why we always try to bring you a little bit of everything, and this time we have found an interesting fan art version of one of the most beloved franchises and adorable from the geek world.

That’s right, we’re talking about Pokemonwhich among his works has had practically all kinds of experiences, whether we talk about his video games, animated series, movies, collectibles, etc, the list goes on, as well as the number of characters within their species grow over time, That is why it is one of the most complete works and with the largest number of fan art works within the networks, since its creatures give inspiration to the artists, who give us as a result their perception of the beloved franchise.

That is why today we are going to talk to you about an artist that we came across while we were walking around on Instagram and social networks, and who has a rather peculiar touch to show his work, since he not only uploads his final illustrations, but he also shares the elaboration process with us through videos recorded while he creates his works, great, right?…

His works can be found on his official Instagram account @fluffybiscotti, where he has just over 1,300 followers, as well as some curious and adorable illustration works that will not only seem sweet, but could whet your appetite and love for the characters. animated.

This creative artist shows us through his type works fan art, some of the most adorable and appetizing dishes from different parts of the world, where each of them is accompanied by a detailed character and with a personal touch. On this occasion he presents us with some of his most tender works from the Pokémon animated series.

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we can see to snorlax, Charizard Y Slowpokeeach accompanied by an appetizing dish, in the case of Snorlax and Slowpoke, they are accompanied by Ramen and Nigiri-type Sushi, two oriental dishes originating in Japan, while our beloved and happy Charizard lets us watch him enjoy a sweet cherry while pose next to two delicious pineapple flips, isn’t your mouth watering? Because it does for us.

Definitely, the result of his work are pieces worthy of admiration, for the quality mastered by the creator, as well as the presentation of the final product of his works. So we hope that this work has been to your liking, if so, let us know through our social networks, and please, continue on eGames News.