Played by Lauren Ridloff and reinterpreted for Eternals, Makkari will cease to be a white man to come to life as a deaf actress.

It’s sure to be a great movie, but when it releases, Eternals will also change the face of the MCU, at least socially. On the one hand, we will see the first LGBTQ kiss on a Marvel screen, starring Brian Tyree Henry as Phastos (the first openly gay superhero in an MCU movie), and Haaz Sleiman, who plays her husband. On the other hand, we will see a multiracial cast. And as if that weren’t enough, in this quest for fairness, Eternals will also introduce Makkari, Marvel Studios’ first deaf heroine.

In the comics, Makkari is a white male with increased strength and speed. His first heroic name was Mercury (he debuted in 1940’s Red Raven Comics # 1); later it was named Hurricane (Captain America Comics # 1 of 1941) and finally it was known him like Makkari (The Eternals # 5 of 1976).

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However, in keeping with the times, we will see Makkari make her film debut, but now she will be a heroine played by deaf actress Lauren Ridloff, who recently told The New York Times that being cast for Eternals meant that “my two children, who are also deaf, will grow up in a world where there are superheroes who are deaf ”.

In the same interview, Ridloff elaborates on the new opening that big studio cinema is having: “Hollywood is finally discovering why representation is so important, and now it’s more about how. That is the hardest part. We need to have deaf writers and creative talents involved in the film project planning process from the beginning. When you have deaf experts on and on stage, from the crew to the makeup artists, that leads to a more authentic representation on screen. “

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Sources: The New York Times and Entertainment Weekly

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