Electronic Arts in talks with Disney, Apple, Amazon and Comcast

Electronic Arts in talks with Disney, Apple, Amazon and Comcast

During the last year there have been several mergers and acquisitions of companies dedicated to video games, some very important such as Microsoft and Activision or Sony with Bungie. It seems that Electronic Arts is considered to be acquired and among the possible buyers are Disney, Apple and Amazon.

According to a report from the Puck site, Electronic Arts is looking for interested parties to acquire the company and recently had talks with Disney, Apple, Amazon and Comcast-NBCUniversal. Apparently talks with Comcast had advanced but fell apart last month, so there is still no agreement between either company.

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Apparently, the proposal of the CEO of Comcast, Brian Roberts, was to merge Electronic Arts with NBCUniversal, with the Roberts family taking control of the new entity. However, it seems that they could not agree on a price and structure that would satisfy everyone, so EA is still looking for buyers.

When Microsoft’s deal to acquire Activision Blizzard was announced, Phil Spencer said that Xbox was confident that Nintendo and Sony would not do something detrimental to the video game industry. However, he said he didn’t feel the same way about other tech companies looking to break into the industry, such as Tencent, Apple, Amazon and Netflix.

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Phil Spencer’s concern was that, not being companies with much experience in the video game industry like Sony, Nintendo and Valve, the companies could make decisions that affect the industry in a negative way. Either way, EA declined to comment on “rumors and speculation related to mergers and acquisitions.”

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