DR 3.0 2023, necessary renovation for the very interesting and cheap Italian SUV

DR 3.0 2023, necessary renovation for the very interesting and cheap Italian SUV

DR Automobiles has presented the update of its very interesting access SUV. The DR3 has undergone a major overhaul. A renewal that even brings with it a name change. This model is renamed DR 3.0 and debuts design, technological equipment and other innovations.

The young brand DR Automobiles has launched an ambitious product offensive. The established roadmap includes the launch of important novelties in the remainder of the year. One of these novelties has as its protagonist the smallest SUV marketed by the Italian firm. The DR3. A model that has undergone a relevant set-up. An update that even affects the model.

The DR3 gives way to the new DR 3.0, a model premieres design, technological equipment and many other novelties. The DR3 renewal It has focused all eyes, and it is one of the best-selling DR Automobiles models in its home market, Italy. The new DR 3.0 that has just debuted will soon arrive on the Spanish market. Now, what has changed? Let’s go into detail.

The DR3 has undergone an important evolution and is now called DR 3.0

The keys of the new DR 3.0

It is important to point out that, although the model has undergone a name change, in reality we are facing a facelift. A “facelift” that will allow this generation to face the rest of the commercial life that lies ahead. That is why the modifications in terms of design have been concentrated on the front. Just take a quick look at the images that illustrate this article to discover what’s new.

The front part has been completely modified. Premiere a large grill
in which the brand logo is included. The optical groups have been divided and the thin, tapered top is used for daytime running lights and turn signal functions. They use LED technology. The main headlight is located at the bottom and is adorned with a black trim.

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DR Automobiles has also modified the bumpers. The taillights retain their current shape. In addition, a striking silver-painted trim for the exhaust outlet has been integrated into the rear bumper.

DR 3.0
The design novelties of the new DR 3.0 are concentrated in the front

The interior and technology of the new DR 3.0

Regarding the interior, everything goes through an improvement of the technological equipment. Receive a new infotainment system. A multimedia system compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It is handled through a nine-inch touch screen. The dashboard and instrumentation have also been revised to convey a more modern and up-to-date feel. Another novelty in terms of equipment is an electric parking brake.

The bifuel engine of the new DR 3.0

Under the hood there are no surprises. there is still a Acteco 1.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine with 116 hp and 135 Nm of maximum torque. An engine that is also offered with bifuel technology to be able to use, in addition to gasoline, LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) as fuel. As standard it is associated with a five-speed manual gearbox and a front-wheel drive system.

The brand has taken advantage of the update to enrich the offer. That is why, in addition to the manual transmission, the new DR 3.0 will also be available with a CVT-type automatic gearbox with nine predefined speeds.

DR 3.0 - side
The new DR 3.0 will be available with CVT change

Release date and prices of the new DR 3.0

When will it hit the market? DR Automobiles has confirmed that the commercial launch of the new DR 3.0 in Italy will take place next September. It is to be hoped that it will be available in Spain before the end of this year. At the moment their prices are unknown. However, we can take the current model as a reference. The DR3 is for sale in the Spanish market from around €16,500.

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