According to rumors, George Clooney signed his entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe after directing an episode of the Moon Knight series.

Almost 25 years after his last participation in a project based on comics, George Clooney could enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) with the moon knight series. However, the Oscar winner would not participate in the project as an actor, but in the chair of the director. At least that’s what a rumor published in specialized media in the United States this week indicates.

Did George Clooney direct an episode of Moon Knight?

George Clooney, one of the first stars to play a comic book superhero on the big screen, could be about to join the ranks of Marvel thanks to a brief participation in the series Moon knight.

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According to sources close to the production, the actor directed one of the episodes of the first season of the series right after he finished his work on the movie The Tender Bar.


Although this information has not been confirmed, many assure that the relationship that exists between Clooney and the protagonist of the series, Oscar Isaac, could have allowed the entry of the 90’s heartthrob to the MCU.

When does Moon Knight premiere?

Created by Jeremy slater, Moon knight will introduce one of Marvel’s most interesting characters to the screen for the first time: Marc spector, a former marine with dissociative identity disorder (DID) who becomes a hero of the night thanks to his connection to the Egyptian god Khonshu.

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Ethan hawke and May Calamawy They are also part of the cast of the series scheduled to hit streaming in 2022.

Who is Moon Knight?
Marvel comics

Marvel Studios is expected to announce more details of Moon knight, including the rumored participation of George Clooney, on November 12 during the Disney + Day.

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