Details of a high-end Intel Arc graphics card leak

Details of a high-end Intel Arc graphics card leak

The graphics card market is more competitive than ever, especially now that Intel has entered the ring. With the launch of his arc graphics cards for portable platforms, the game is on for the company to see whether or not it can hold its own against Nvidia and AMD.

Given that the RTX 3090 Ti turned out not to be what was expected, largely because the small increase in power was not worth it being 30% more expensive, there may be an opportunity for the “blue team” to launch. and fill the gap for people who want good products at affordable prices.

now thatyouhe finally presents his range “Arc” from graphics cards discreet, there will be a lot of talk about how it will compare to its rivals. However, in an attempt to promote their new hardware, it seems that a small detail has been leaked that could reveal information about one of the GPU company’s high-end.

A video from the website Intel in which your software is displayed Arc Control, a tool that is being launched and that supports the graphics cards of the same name, there is a moment when you can see a GPU with a clock speed of 2,250 MHz. It only happens for a very short period of time, but around the 29th second, it seems that the software is controlling the performance of a high-end card.

It also shows that this mysterious GPU it is running at 172 W. All of this suggests that this is not the newly launched laptop variant. An earlier segment of the video shows details about a card running at 42W of power with a clock speed of 850MHz, which could very well be the GPU for gaming laptops. Intel.

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It must be made clear that the vision of what appears to be a much more powerful graphics card is reduced to a very small window and everything else is speculation. Since Intel plans to release more of its line Arc this summer, possibly as late as June, that software leak could very well refer to one of them, but there’s no way to tell from such a brief image.

With Nvidia planning to release its 40-series this September, and AMD recently announcing RDNA 3 architecture, the graphics card industry is about to enter its next era. With an increasingly competitive market, one can only hope that Intel has what it takes to take on the big leagues, especially now that the outlook is starting to look better after more than a year of shortages and price hikes.