Chrome changes reverse image search to Google Lens. Now almost all the results want to sell you things

Chrome changes reverse image search to Google Lens.  Now almost all the results want to sell you things

Google has removed the reverse image search feature within Chrome and has replaced it with Google Lens. The company has not offered an explanation as to why, but the change can already be seen in the current stable version of the browser.

What this means is that from now on if you right click on any image within Chrome, you will no longer see the option to search similar images on googlebut instead you are now offered “Search image with Google Lens”.

Change is not necessarily bad, but it is quite different

This is the option that now appears when you right click on an image in Chrome

Google Lens is a pretty powerful tool, but people are much more familiar with it on mobile, whether it’s from an iPhone, or obviously Android. However, its purpose is not exactly the same as reverse image search, and depending on the use you gave to that option, this will perish you worse or better.

With Lens you get image recognition, the tool basically identifies all the elements that make up an image to say what you’re looking at, it can even read the text and transcribe it for you. Search by image in Google, what it does is search for similar images or trace their origin.

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The results of a Google Lens search in Chrome

How to copy handwritten text with Google Lens and transfer it to your computer

When using this new feature in Chrome it is likely that you will get countless results from online stores. Depending on what’s in the image, Google will show results from similar images, or results from every item it identifies, and many of those results will be from stores where you can buy the things in the photo.

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The difference between this and what we have in a classic reverse image search engine is that it can be day and night.. Other browsers continue to function as usual, and a search for the same image comparing each option makes it clear what kind of results you can expect whether you’re using Chrome or another browser:

Msedge Tw6pzafarl

The results of a right-click image search from Edge

Again, not necessarily a bad change… Google Lens has its uses and they are different, and it also varies a lot depending on each image. If there is nothing to sell, there may be nothing for sale. Now, if you want to bring reverse image search back to chromeyou can always try an extension like Search by Image.