Cardano and Ethereum networks could be joined through Milkomeda

Cardano and Ethereum networks could be joined through Milkomeda

Milkomeda aims to help blockchains that do not have Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), a virtual machine that allows interaction with the Ethereum network and its programming language for smart contracts, Solidity.

This is done by insertion of sidechains based on EVM and new technologies that can make these blockchains work as if they were compatible with the ETH token network. By opening up a wider range of networks, the protocol aims to offer “an experience for both developers and users in general”.

Milkomeda will be the backbone to achieve and maintain adoption mass of promising non-EVM cryptocurrencies, empowering them with smart contract-enabled sidechains. Milkomeda will power L1 chains with alternative smart contract virtual machines, which means developers from other ecosystems have a seamless onboarding experience which improves adoption while leveraging the strengths of the L1 chain.

The sidechain C1 is an EVM-based sidechain within the Cardano ecosystem, and is powered by the Milkomeda protocol. The C1 side chain will use wADA (Wrapped ADA) as a base currency, which means that users will have the opportunity to use their preferred cryptocurrency within all EVM-based dApps running on C1. On the other hand, MilkADA will be used as an asset within its own chain for the payment of commissions and gas. To access the sidechain it will be necessary to have funds in ADA in a Cardano wallet compatible with the browser, and also the MetaMask extension.

At the time of Milkomeda launch, March 28, 2022, Charles HoskinsonCEO of IOG congratulated the team behind the development:

Congratulations to the entire DCSpark team! It is a great time for Cardano. The ecosystem now supports EVM. Solidity developers, to code

Milkomeda It will not only bring inter-blockchain connections to Cardano, but also to other major networks such as Algorand (ALGO), Terra (LUNA), and Solana (SOL).

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It should be clarified that Milkomeda does not have any token. The team of Milkomeda will not contact requesting funds or announcing token salesbecause, again, there are no tokens.

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