Can an electric bike run without pedaling?

Can an electric bike run without pedaling?

The electric bike is here to stay, and with it its function of pedaling. A modality that, like VMP vehicles, such as scooters, is becoming quite an important place in this electrified mobility. And is not for less. Its great advantages show this type of bicycle as a great travel companion. Its particularity is seen in the pedal system, but is it possible to do it without pedaling?

The electric bike, a more practical modality

The sale of electric bicycles is booming and it is due to many reasons. thanks to its engine, a new dynamic is acquired that brings an independence that cannot be achieved with a normal wheel. With them we can say, without fear of being wrong, that the endless slopes are over.

And it is that thanks to its function to pedal, or assisted pedaling, the electric bike is now satisfied with a more practical mode for our interests. It is true that the main foundation that unites it with the conventional one is there, but pedaling is one of the incorporated technologies that most characterizes it.

In any case, it should be noted that not everything is going in that direction. Or what is the same; this electric bike yes it can work without pedaling, albeit with nuances. The first and most important is that, although this is allowed thanks to its motor, the user must have previously continued to exert force so that it keeps moving.

Yes, it is possible for the electric bike to move without pedaling

First of all, we have to make a point: not everyone can do it. We see it through the technologies or modalities that can add to one or the other. For example, the pedal. And it is that, since the immersion of this term, both manufacturers and users and distributors speak naturally of pedelec bicycles.

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Its use carries the implicit knowledge that we are talking about vehicles that help the user with electric assistance when pedaling. Generally these are the sport style bikes that cannot be ridden using only electric power, therefore they cannot be used without pedaling. But there are others that do.

They are the ones that do not have this assisted pedaling system. As such, you only have to twist the handlebar throttle to activate the motor assist, which makes deliver enough power to circulate without pedaling. To the point that some e-bikes fall into the category of mopeds, because they use a throttle that activates the electric motor regardless of whether you are pedaling or not.

How is this accelerator

In your case. this is done through an accelerator itself, which is the mechanism that is installed on an electric bike to propel it forward, without the need to pedal, similar to the operation of a moped. There are three types: fist, trigger and button.

For its part, this accelerator is the one that allows you to pedal or simply lean back and move forward without even moving your legs. This second option is not allowed in some countries, although in Spain the exception is made as long as this help do not exceed 6 km/h speed. That is to say; once you reach the speed limit of 25 km/h, the motor should stop working, but you can go faster if you keep pedaling without assistance.

Finally, and having the aforementioned assisted pedaling as a differentiator, with the accelerator the electric bike can work without pedaling. because it is more aggressive for the engine. In any case, it is important to mention that this mechanism should not always be used. And it is that, if it is used intensively, the duration of the battery and the life of the motor can be damaged.