With the aim of raising one million pesos to finance organized groups of women fighting for their food sovereignty, owning their lands, having economic autonomy, living free from violence and protecting ecosystems, the civil organization Fondo Semillas launched the campaign To All Mother … Earth!

It seeks to meet the goal from make visible the inequality that women have in access to natural resources. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has pointed out that, despite the fact that women produce 60% of the world’s food, they only own 2% of the land.

It is truly worrying that the right to own land and water is not a guarantee that includes women, which places them at a disadvantage, since normally men have these natural resources”, He commented Tania turner, executive director of Fondo Semillas.

This civil organization has provided, for 30 years, support and strengthening to more than a thousand organizations and groups of organized women, among which are the cooperative Tosepan Pajti from Puebla, which works with Nahua families from Cuetzalan and the women’s association Sbelal Kuxlejalil, formed to promote the integral and sustainable regional development of the indigenous communities of the Highlands of Chiapas.

For its part, this campaign highlights the link that indigenous peoples have with nature, its resources and the struggles they sustain to defend the ecosystem. In this regard, Turner pointed out: “Around 6% of the world’s population corresponds to indigenous peoples, and that small percentage is what protects 80% of biodiversity that still remains on the planet, because they understand that defending life implies defending natural resources. “

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According to the World Bank, only 23% of countries have specific laws to guarantee equality of rights between women and men, to this is added the little concern of the corporations to respect a pollutant-free environment for indigenous groups.

For this reason, it is urgent to support organizations that promote harmonious and respectful production strategies, promote sustainable community development that allows the renewal and conservation of resources, defend the territory against extractive industries, and favor the equitable and fair distribution of work and the wealth.

Those who help this initiative with an amount greater than $ 500 will be able to participate in the drawing of a beautiful package with cushions, placemats and a table runner with a value of $ 3,820 from the Maestras Artesanas project. To learn more about the campaign and support by donating, visit the page: https://semillas.org.mx/a_toda_madre_tierra/