Bring the magic of Moroccan gastronomy to your table with this selection of tajines

Bring the magic of Moroccan gastronomy to your table with this selection of tajines

In Moroccan cuisine it is very common to cook in tajine, a terracotta container made up of two parts: a deep plate and a conical lid. It is also known by the same name to the stews that are prepared in it, usually with vegetables or meat.

The main characteristic of the tajine is that food cooking is very slow, as a consequence of the design of the container itself. Since it distributes the heat inside it evenly and efficiently. With the conical lid, what is achieved is that the water vapor remains inside, preserving the properties and characteristics of the food practically intact.

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Today we have made a selection of some of the most beautiful (and practical) so that you can start integrating them into your cooking techniques from now on. Of course, before their first use you have to take care of them (here we explain how).

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Cuisy Gray Tajine

Tajine Gray For Induction

In the first place we have this gray tajine from the Cuisy brand, which although it does not have a very attractive design is the Amazon best seller. It also has a 4.7 average rating, which is a very good sign if we are looking for something with good value for money.

It is designed to cook in all types of kitchens (including those in induction) as it has a special base specifically designed for it. And it is made of ferromagnetic components to transmit heat correctly. 41.07 euros.

Cuisy Gray Tajín

Tajine with ethnic design

Ethnic Tajin

If what matters most to us is the pattern and we are looking for it is rather a attractive, traditional and pretty design, this model is one of the most suitable for it. It is an artisan product, made by hand in terracotta with a perfect design so that the food maintains all its flavor over low heat.

His drawings are also hand painted, so each tajine is unique. It has a diameter of 30 centimeters, so when cooking we will get rations for about three or four people. 39.99 euros.

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Tajine with ethnic design

Tajine with ethnic design

Tajine de Uno Casa

Red Tajine

Changing back to a simpler model we have this one in red from Uno Casa. Is he Amazon’s top rated tajine, with more than 420 positive ratings and an average of 4.6 stars.

Have 3.45 liters capacity. And it is made of double material: its conical top is made of ceramic and the base is enameled cast iron. Can be used in all kinds of kitchens (vitroceramic, induction, fire, oven …) and includes some gift mitts. Of course, it has a higher price: 84.95 euros.

Tajine de Uno Casa

Staub’s white tajine

  Staub White Tajine

In line with the previous model we have this tajine in white. It is from the brand Staub, recognized for its manufacture of pots type cocotte, which is a symbol of quality.

Its interior and exterior are enameled to prevent both food sticking and acid wear. It is also made in two different materials: the conical ceramic lid and the base in cast iron. We have chosen the small size, 20 centimeters, but it is also available with a diameter of 28 centimeters. 89.95 euros.

Staub's white tajine

Tajine by Emilie Henry

Tajine Emile Henry

Finally we wanted to mention this Emilie Henry model, available in three colors: red, black and navy blue. Count with one ceramic glaze, both outside and inside, without heavy metals (so as not to absorb odors or flavors).

It can be used both directly on the fire as in vitroceramics or ovens (Although not for induction, in this type of cooker you need an adapter). It has a diameter of 27 centimeters and is made of ceramic resistant to thermal shocks. 69.90 euros.

Tajine by Emile Henry

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