Boomy, the application and web that will help you compose music thanks to its AI | Technology

Boomy, the application and web that will help you compose music thanks to its AI |  Technology

Today there are various applications that help us live all kinds of experiences, but what we have to talk about today is the AI ​​capable of creating music by previously choosing some aspects such as genre or melody.

The application is called Boomy and Alex Mitchell is its creator. His creation in web and application format, allows its users to create their own songs using artificial intelligence (AI) software that does most of the work.

Boomy, based in California, was launched at the end of 2018 and claims that users around the world have already created almost five million songs, since in addition to having a good time creating music, this app allows you to submit your songs to appear on Spotify and other music sites, and earn money every time they breed.

Although Boomy owns the copyright to each recording and receives the funds in the first instance, the company claims to pass 80% of the streaming rights to the person who created the song.

Simple operation. The user chooses between several genres, clicks create song and the AI ​​composes one for him in less than 30 seconds. Quickly choose the key, chords and melody of the song. And from there you can improve it little by little.

You can do things like add or remove instruments, change tempo, adjust volumes, add echoes, make everything brighter or softer, and put on some voices.

85% of our users have never made music before“says Mitchell. “And now we have people who were paying their rent, and increasing their income, with $ 100 or $ 200 a month from Boomy during Covid“.

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Mitchell adds that more than 10,000 of its users have published more than 100,000 songs in total on various streaming services.

But, How good are these songs created by Boomy?. It is true that quality is relative since you easily recognize that it is created by computer and not by a group of people playing real instruments.

At this time of incredible growth for the music industry, the vast majority of people are still left out of music creation. We have recognized that the time, education and financial resources required to create original music lie at the root of many of the inequalities in the music industry. Alex Mitchell said.

Despite all this is a good way to generate music or sounds to help you compose or create new ideas. Also, Boomy offers its basic package for free. With the objective of make music accessible to everyone It is irresistible to consult their website and prove how creative you are.