BBVA takes advantage of its mobile presence to make suggestions to the user, but it “makes her cry”

BBVA takes advantage of its mobile presence to make suggestions to the user, but it “makes her cry”

BBVA has shown its attempts to integrate its presence on the device mobile of its users, reminding some of their reality.

Over time, companies have obtained the opportunity to integrate their services in the digital world, showing endless benefits to their clients, as is the case with banks. The Mexican population has benefited countless times from these types of banks that have adopted technology in their daily lives; Statista In its study carried out on 39 financial institutions shows which are the ones that had the largest number of digital banking tools in Mexico 2020, where Santander ranks first with 12, Citibanamex, Banorte Y BBVA tied for second with 11 and Banbajío in third with 9.

While the adoption of the technologies was inevitable to be placed on the current radar of the population, brands have found an opportunity to achieve constant interaction with their users and grow their branding Through the sending messages to your mobile devices, which can be sent to notify them about possible updates, account statements, transactions, announcements, or simply to improve the experience of these through some creative posts.

A user in social networks has shown her experience after receiving a message from BBVA, company that wanted to show its presence mobile by attracting the attention of his clients, inviting them to open his application to receive a surprise, a fact that has recalled a reality not so pleasant for his user who “has made them cry”.

Although this action may not have been entirely pleasant for the user, the strategy of BBVA to show your presence on mobile device of its users is shown as effective, demonstrating once again what a copy creative.

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Nowadays the presence digital It is an essential aspect for any brand in any industry, which although it can boost their growth by offering solutions digital and increase the purchases of our products or services, these also provide the opportunity to offer an after-sales service, as well as carry out other types of actions that allow users to remain active and, in this way, position us within their daily life, becoming a benchmark in their day-to-day life.

This can be achieved through various strategies, but one of the most important is undoubtedly the creation of creative texts to get your attention. Different brands have shown that they understand the power of what a good text or copy can be achieved in the mind of the consumer, either through posts on social networks, strategies of email marketing and update messages on mobile devices (among other conditions).

An example of this is found with another company that uses its platform to show its mobile presence, even during its services, Uber, when a user reported having received a small but important kind of road culture through some updates she received on her smartphone, a fact that It was even able to help you prevent a possible accident.

Brands have a good opportunity to improve their positioning in the minds of users by sending creative posts in their Applications digital.

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