Create strategies and actions that allow organizations to connect with their audience thanks to art, giving an opportunity to brands to increase their value and this Webinar explains how it is possible with the Branding Art.

It is increasingly common to see companies choose to deliver new creative product proposals to the consumer, where art predominates. Among its main reasons is to attract the attention of new customers, create special editions of products, position brands and differentiate your products or services from the rest through creative solutions. Nowadays we have seen big brands of international caliber that choose to carry out this type of strategy, and it seems to work quite well for them.

We have previously seen that over the years, more and more brands choose to implement art within their products, an example of this we have with Adidas, who recently was inspired to create a new pair of tennis shoes inspired by the Mexican art of the Talavera; or Mattel with the Barbie Day of the Dead edition and even Nike with its tennis shoes designed from Huichol art. Despite some exceptions, there is no doubt that the consumer opts for these strategies where art is involved, so they continue to do so.

The team of Merca 2.0 Magazine, brings you a Webinar where we have the presence of two specialist speakers from Mercarte:

Cecilia Bernal, founder and director of Mercarte, Branding Art and Cultural Management agency that carries out strategies and actions to link brands and companies with artists from different artistic disciplines and cultural venues, in order to spread art and culture within our country that has collaborated with brands such as Bonafont, Danone, Mercedes Benz, Apple, among others.

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Laura Bazan, director of operations for Mercarte, who is an art historian and has been in this world since 2012, collaborated with independent curators of visual artists, later with international galleries, and who manages to work as a curator and manager of art projects for the National Commission of Public Textbooks , which has allowed him to take his work internationally.

Within this Webinar you will gain crucial information about the importance of trademarks, companies or projects, integrate art into their strategies for positioning and brand value thanks to the integration of art to the marketing world.

In the same way, they tell us a little about how they have done to implement the art before and during the pandemic with the intervention of spaces, products and experiences where the art and brands they have been protagonists. Don’t miss this Webinar to find out how brands add value through art.