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If you are a regular driver, perhaps Black Friday is a good time to get some products that avoid fines at the wheel.

Technology can be your best ally behind the wheel in practically any circumstance, and there are gadgets that help you a lot to improve your safety and also to avoid penalties.

We speak first of all about accessories that the same DGT recommends and that they can avoid more than one scare. Also, since Black Friday is celebrated, many of them are cheaper than ever in stores like Amazon.

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With a minimal investment you can avoid many problems, fines of hundreds of euros and loss of card points, although obviously if you drive recklessly there will be no accessory to prevent it.

Here are several car accessories that can help you avoid fines.

Echo Auto for € 39.99

Smart car speaker that Alexa brings to your vehicle. It offers you all the functions of the voice assistant and allows you to play streaming music and other content through the speakers.

This product has been on sale for several years now, and with considerable success. It is a smart speaker with Alexa, but unlike other models, it is designed for the car.

Temporarily costs only 39.99 euros, practically half of what is usual.

Once connected to your phone, use the Internet to give you directions on traffic, routes to follow or the weather you are going to find. In addition, it also acts as a hands-free so you don’t have to look at or touch your mobile.

Mobile support for € 14.99

UGREEN mobile car holder

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In case you don’t know, the DGT has considerably toughened the penalties for those who look at their mobile while driving. If you don’t want a speaker like the Echo Auto, a mobile stand is a good alternative.

It will allow you to see the GPS without taking your hand off the wheel, and for only 14.99 euros. It is a UGREEN model that we recommend, a brand specialized in electronics accessories of all kinds.

It can be adjusted to fit mobiles of any size.

Radio with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay

Little by little it has become common to start seeing cars that have a smart radio, usually a 2 DIN type with Android Auto or with Apple CarPlay.

Luckily, several very competitive models have been added to the Black Friday deals.

Coyote Mini radar warning device for € 49.99

Coyote Mini radar warning device

Although little by little they have fallen into disuse, radar warning devices are undoubtedly your best ally to avoid sanctions. There is a company, Coyote, that has several models approved by the DGT.

The cheapest of all, especially now, is the Coyote Mini, which Amazon has on sale for 50 euros.

It is not bad at all, since it detects both fixed and mobile radars and emits a sound signal in advance.

Smart rear view mirror with parking camera for € 152

Wolfbox rearview mirror at Amazon

The DGT has opened the door to recommend calls reversing cameras, which do allow you to avoid accidents, especially when parking.

There are many types, but surely the most interesting are those that are integrated into the rear-view mirror, such as this one from Wolfbox for 152.99 euros.

Shipping is totally free to any part of Spain and its installation is very simple.

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